sawdust drying machine from Shuliy

Selection principles of high-quality sawdust drying machine

The sawdust drying machine can continuously add the granular wet sawdust to its drying tube by a screw conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of high-speed hot airflow, the moisture in the wet material is quickly evaporated to obtain a powdered or granular dry product.

vertical wood powder machine for sale

Vertical Wood Powder Machine | Milling Grinder

The vertical wood powder machine adopts the method of roller milling, which can further crush the wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips and crushed coconut shells and other materials, and process them into wood powder particles with higher fineness.

wood powder machine for sale

Wood Powder Making Machine | Wood Flour Mill Grinder

This commercial wood powder making machine is also called the horizontal wood powder machine. It is mainly used for further crushing wood chips and sawdust to make wood flour particles with a fineness of 30-2000 mesh. And the wood flour can be used for making various incense and cardboard.

disc wood shipper for sale

Disc Wood Chipper | Chipping Machine | Wood Slicer

The electric wood chippers are a must for many wood processing plants and are mainly used to process wood chips of uniform size. The commercial disc wood chipper is designed in a variety of styles according to different production scenarios to meet different customer needs. The wood material used for chipping can be either peeled or unpeeled.

commercial wood shaving machine for sale

Wood Shaver | Shavings Machine for Animal Bedding

This commercial wood shaving machine is mainly used to cut all kinds of dry wood and branches into curled shavings with uniform thickness. This wood shaver is driven by electricity and has high working efficiency. It’s processing volume can reach 300kg/h to 1500kg/h per hour.

drum wood debarker for sale

Drum Wood Debarker | Debarking Machine | Log Peeler

This drum-type wood debarker machine has the advantages of compact structure and simple operation. This new log debarking machine can better peel dry and wet logs with a diameter of less than 360mm. This commercial wood debarker machine is the important processing equipment for many pulp and paper mills, wood processing plants, fiberboard manufacturing plants, and wood chips production plants.

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