our services

Based on the principle of quality-oriented, good reputation and customer first, we hold a faith to create high-quality products among the relevant industries and make great performance for ages. Therefore, we are very concerned about the cooperation with each customer, and also cherish every communication with customers. We have many years of experience in the management of pre-sales, sales and after-sales links, so we can provide good customer service.

Meticulous Planning

Help to choose the appropriate equipment based on customers' requirements or customize the machines to meet customer needs.

timely shipping & use guidance

Ship the customer ASAP, and provide the corresponding machine installation and operation guide to help the customer's production process.

Perfect Execution

Make itinerary arrangements for customer visits, hotel reservations and transfers. Provide customers with feedback and detailed information in time.

Affordable Prices

Strictly quote customers according to market prices to ensure that customers are provided with products with relatively high return on investment, so that customers really benefit.

customers visiting of Shuliy factory

Quality First & Customer First
Cooperation is far greater than business itself