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Welcome To Shuliy Machinery

Shuliy company is a pioneer enterprise for manufacturing and supplying the wood processing machines & production line & plants worldwide. And numerous wood straw crushers, chippers, shaving machines, wood debarkers, and sawdust making plants have shipped and installed in different countries, such as
United States, Canada, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, Russia, UAE, South Africa, Peru, Libya, Bulgaria, New Zealand, etc.

Shuliy wood processing machine factory

Why choose Us?


Leading manufacturing technology

We have a variety of precision CNC machining equipment,and supporting various advanced testing equipment, can create wood processing equipment with high output and low energy consumption.


Comprehensive service

We insist on customer needs as the center, grasp every detail of communication with customers, understand customer needs, and promptly reply and provide the best suggestions.


Strict quality control

We have strong mechanical engineers and workers, and have established a complete set of responsibility systems to ensure that every detail of manufacturing, sales, and delivery is free from mistakes.


High cost performance

We reject unscrupulously high quotations and insist on taking market prices as the baseline. And according to customer budget and investment expectations, to provide customers with practical, high-quality products.


Continuous technical updates

Through customer feedback and actual machine application experience, we continue to optimize and upgrade the machinery to make it more efficient and more in line with actual production needs.


Complete solutions

We provide customers with free complete production solutions. Including customer's plant design, market profit analysis, model selection, installation guidance, etc.

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