large tree branch shredders are in stock of Shuliy

Does the materials’ moisture affect the use of large tree shredders?

The feed inlet of the large tree shredder adopts a self-priming feed to ensure a good sense of use and safe production, replacing the direct feeding method of the traditional branch pulverizer. When using a large tree branch pulverizer, the moisture content of the material has a certain impact on its use.

large wood crushing machine for shipping to Malaysia

A large wood crusher was exported to Malaysia

Wood crushers, which are widely used, play an important role in recycling agricultural and forestry resources. It can process all kinds of biomass resources into particles with even fineness, and then these particles can be further processed into other items.

drum wood chippers machine for sale

Drum Wood Chippers | Large Wood Chipper Shredder

Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for the production of high-quality wood chips. This wood chipper shredder is popular in the market because of its large output and high efficiency. This large wood chipper can be continuously produced in the factory or raw material production area, with a high degree of automation and strong adaptability.

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