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Does the materials’ moisture affect the use of large tree shredders?

The feed inlet of the large tree shredder adopts a self-priming feed to ensure a good sense of use and safe production, replacing the direct feeding method of the traditional branch pulverizer. When using a large tree branch pulverizer, the moisture content of the material has a certain impact on its use.

commercial sawdust making machine for sale

Solutions to solve the failure of electric wood shredder

After being used for a period of time, mechanical products will malfunction due to improper operation of workers and their own wear and tear, and wood shredders are no exception. So what failures are encountered when using wood shredders? And how should I solve this?

multifunctional wood crusher for sale

Multifunctional Wood Crusher | Straw Branch Shredder

This is a new type of wood crushing equipment. The main feature of this multifunctional wood crusher is that it has two (or three) inlets, so it is very suitable for crushing different materials, such as logs, branches, straw, rice husks, crop shells, etc.

drum wood chippers machine for sale

Drum Wood Chippers | Large Wood Chipper Shredder

Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for the production of high-quality wood chips. This wood chipper shredder is popular in the market because of its large output and high efficiency. This large wood chipper can be continuously produced in the factory or raw material production area, with a high degree of automation and strong adaptability.

drum wood debarker for sale

Drum Wood Debarker | Debarking Machine | Log Peeler

This drum-type wood debarker machine has the advantages of compact structure and simple operation. This new log debarking machine can better peel dry and wet logs with a diameter of less than 360mm. This commercial wood debarker machine is the important processing equipment for many pulp and paper mills, wood processing plants, fiberboard manufacturing plants, and wood chips production plants.

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