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sawdust rice husk dryer machine
sawdust rice husk dryer machine

Brief introduction of sawdust dryers of Shuliy

The sawdust dryer machine can quickly reduce granular materials with a moisture content of 45% -60% to below 10%. For the fast drying of sawdust and rice husk in the wood processing plants, the airflow dryer, and the drum dryer can be considered. These two types of drying equipment are very efficient and have been exported to many foreign countries, such as Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Chile, Canada, etc.

sawdust dryer machine for sale
sawdust dryer machine for sale

Airflow dryer VS Drum dryer

Airflow dryer and drum dryer are both common equipment for drying sawdust and rice husk, but these two dryers are very different in appearance, structure, and working principle.

Airflow dryer for drying sawdust

Technical parameter

 Type SL-AD-1 SL-AD -2 SL-AD -3
 Capacty(kg/h) 300-600 600-1000 1000-1200
 Power(kw) 4 5.5 7.5
 Dimension(mm) 8500*1500*3500 11600*1500*3500 15000*3000*5000
main structure of the airflow dryer machine
the main structure of the airflow dryer machine

Main structure and functions

Airflow sawdust dryer machine, also known as a hot air duct dryer, is mainly composed of a series of pipes and pulse tubes. The machine should be connected with a combustion furnace (self-built or bought) and a cyclone dust collector in actual work.

The airflow dryer uses the principle of hot air to dry the materials instantly, and the hot air of the combustion furnace is extracted into the pipeline through the fan, which is fully mixed with the materials inside to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

The machine has certain requirements for the size of the material to be dried. Rice husks with a length of less than 5mm and a diameter of less than 3mm, wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, etc. can be dried. The diameter of the sawdust dryer pipe and the size of the fan determine the size of its processing capacity.

airflow drying machine for sale
airflow drying machine for sale

Drum dryer for drying rice husk

Technical parameter

ModelMotor powerOutputWeightFeeddiameterDimension
Rotary dryer machine factory
Rotary dryer machine factory

Main structure and functions

The sawdust dryer has a cylindrical structure. The main parts include a combustion furnace (self-built or purchased), a feed port, a rotating drum, a built-in scraper, a cooling drum, a reduction motor, a fan, and a dust collector. The rotating drum of the machine is placed on the roller.

The roller is driven by the motor and deceleration drive to rotate the rotating drum at a low speed. When working, the fan will draw the hot air from the furnace into the drum. The material will be fully mixed with the hot air when turning in the drum to achieve the drying effect.

The drum diameter and length of the tumble dryer can be customized, and the size requirements of the materials are not strict. Therefore, the machine has a high drying efficiency and a wide range of applications. In addition to drying sawdust and rice husk, it can also It is used in industry to dry granular materials such as sand and coal slime.

Continuous drying machine video

Advantages of Shuliy sawdust & rice husk dryer

1. The sawdust dryer can quickly reduce the moisture of the material to less than 10%, which is convenient for subsequent work, such as making wood pellets and biomass briquettes.

2. When using a sawdust dryer, a fan and a cyclone dust collector are usually used together to collect the dried granular materials to avoid dust pollution and keep the production workshop clean.

3. Our sawdust dryers come in many models and specifications. We can recommend the most suitable dryer model for customers according to the types of customers’ materials, moisture content and processing requirements. We can also customize the appropriate sawdust dryer according to customer needs.

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