CNC Wood Router | 3D Engraving Machine for Furniture Cabinet Door

CNC router for woodworking craft
CNC wood router machines are mostly used for engraving processing of doors, furniture, cabinets, and other wood products.

The CNC wood router is a kind of automatic engraving equipment that can be intelligently controlled. It can engrave all kinds of wood, jade, bamboo, glass, plastic, etc. At present, CNC wood carving machines are mostly used for engraving processing of doors, furniture, cabinets, and other wood products. The working principle of the CNC router machine is to use the computer controller to convert specific programming information into a signal with power that can drive the motor of the engraving machine to control the host of the engraving machine to generate a certain engraving tool path to realize the engraving of the object.

Why choose the CNC router for carving?

With the improvement of social living standards, people’s pursuit of culture and art becomes more and more refined. Carving technology is a manifestation of culture, and many countries have their own unique carving art. At present, the reason why numerical control engraving is gradually replacing manual engraving is that numerical control engraving has higher accuracy and higher processing efficiency.

At present, CNC carving is commonly used for wood carving, such as wooden door carving, furniture carving, coffin carving, handicraft carving, and so on. In addition, CNC carving is also used in all kinds of stone carving, such as processing ceramic tiles, bluestone, artificial stone, granite, sand, and other stones to make tombstones, stone tablets, background walls, merit tablets, floor tiles, etc.

appplications of CNC router machine
applications of CNC router machine

CNC engraving machine is also used to process iron sheets, aluminum sheets, copper sheet,s and other metal sheet materials. The most amazing feature of the CNC router is that it can also perform 3D three-dimensional carving, which is mostly used for carving Guanyin, Buddha statues, Roman columns, etc.

Structure of the CNC wood router machine

The structure of the CNC wood router consists of three parts: computer, engraving machine controller, and engraving machine host. The machine is designed and typeset by special engraving software (Wentai, Type3, Artcam, JD) configured in the computer, and then the generated program is transmitted to the engraving machine controller (DSP), and the controller converts the information into The signal (pulse train) that can drive the stepper motor or the servo motor controls the host of the engraving machine to generate the X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path.

At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head on the CNC engraving machine is a tool configured according to the processing material. This kind of engraving head can cut the processing material fixed on the worktable at a constant speed. The CNC router can engrave various flat or three-dimensional relief figures and characters designed in the computer to realize the automatic engraving operation.

Applications of the CNC wood router

  • Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood door, composite door, and cabinet door large-area plank carving; wood carving design; panel furniture carving; antique mahogany furniture carving; solid wood art mural carving; cabinet, table, chair surface carving.
  • Wooden crafts processing: clock frame carving; picture frame carving; calligraphy plaque carving; electrical table tops, sports equipment, thin aluminum plate cutting and processing; gift box and jewelry box carving.
  • Advertising industry: engraving of advertising signs, trademarks, badges, exhibition boards, conference signs, etc.; acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal lettering production, sandblasting and other advertising material derivatives processing.

How to correctly choose and use the CNC router bits?

  1. The size of the tool jacket of the engraving machine should be appropriate. Jackets with cross-sections, deformation of the inner hole, wear and tear due to long-term use, and jackets with a tapered inner hole must not be selected. Because it is easy to cause the tool handle to tremble, the engraving can not produce satisfactory results.
  2. The handle must match the jacket and be able to enter and exit the jacket smoothly. The tool holder must be able to be firmly put into the jacket and tightened. If the tool jacket is used for too long, the inner hole is deformed, and a new jacket should be replaced.
  3. Always check the toughness and sharpness of CNC engraving machine tools. If you find that the knife is blunt or the knife edge is damaged, it is best to replace it immediately. If you continue to use it, not only the engraving effect is not good, but also the danger of breaking the knife.
  4. The thickness of the material processed by the CNC wood router machine should not exceed the thickness that the cutting edge can cut and engrave, otherwise the knife will be broken or the engraving effect will not be ideal.
  5. For engraving and cutting of different materials, different tools should be selected and the cutting and engraving speed should be modified reasonably.
  6. The engraving and cutting speed of the Wood engraving machine should be balanced, and the processing speed should be kept as consistent as possible to prevent cutting marks on the cross section.

CNC wood engraving machine maintainance

  1. After each engraving, turn off the spindle and power switch, and then clean up the debris generated by the engraving in time.
  2. Lubricate the guide rails, bearings, and lead screws of CNC router once a month. Use a clean cotton cloth dipped in high-speed white oil (sewing machine oil) to wipe the guide rail. Spread some snow oil (a high-grade white grease) on the screw. Then turn on the machine to run the machine back and forth several times, and then repeat the lubrication again. Note that butter must not be used for lubrication.
  3. Check the cables in the towline at least once a month. If there are any tensioned cables, please loosen them in time to ensure that each wire is loose in the towline. When engraving, these cables frequently make repeated bending actions. If the cables are tightened, it is easy to cause the internal copper wire to break and lead to poor contact, which makes the stepper motor uncontrollable.
  4. Check the screws everywhere in the machine every month, and tighten them in time if they are loose.
  5. If the CNC wood router machine is not used for a long time, it should be thoroughly oiled for maintenance, and then wrapped with plastic film and stored in a dry place.

Wood engraving machine video

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