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The commercial coconut fiber extraction machine is a piece of important equipment for processing high-quality coconut fiber. This industrial coconut coir fiber extracting machine can separate the coconut fiber from the coconut husk and crush the coconut husk. Coconut fiber extracting machine is a kind of equipment that can process empty palm fruit bunch or coconut shell into the long fiber. The machine can use a conveyor or manually feed the raw materials from the feed port when it is working. The rotor roller with multiple flying knives rotates at high speed to peel the palm fruit bunch or coconut husk and extract the coconut fiber. The impurities are separated by a screen. The filamentous fibers processed by the coconut fiber removing machine can be further screened, dried, and packaged. Coconut fiber is a common raw material for the production of palm mattresses, insoles, and seat cushions.

coconut fiber extraction plant in Malaysia
coconut fiber extraction plant in Malaysia

Raw materials for coconut coir fiber extraction machine

The raw material used to process the coir fiber is usually coconut shells with a moisture content of 40%-60%. Moreover, the raw material used to process coconut fiber is usually coconut husk from which the internal coconut meat has been removed. When processing coconut fiber, the water content of the raw material should not be too low.

coconut shells for making coir fiber
coconut shells for making coir fiber

This is because the dried coconut shell is likely to cause the crushing of the coconut fiber during processing, which is disadvantageous for processing high-quality long fibers. In addition, in addition to using coconut husk to process coconut fiber, we can also use a coconut fiber extraction machine to process palm husks.

Structure and working principle of the coconut fiber extracting machine

This small coir fiber processing machine is mainly composed of a shell, a rotary cutter, a screen, a motor, a bracket and other parts. When the machine is working, you need to manually put the coconut shell into the feed inlet. Of course, we can also use an automatic conveyor to add raw materials to the coconut fiber machine. After the coconut shell enters the fiber separator, the internal rotary cutter will quickly crush the coconut shell and separate the coconut fiber from the screen. Finally, the coconut fiber and crushed coconut shell will be discharged from different outlets.

Industrial coconut fiber extraction machine’s diameter

Motor power: 3.0kw

Voltage: 380v

Capacity: 800kg/h

Dimension: 1400×800×1300

coconut fiber extraction machine for shipping to Indonesia
coconut fiber extraction machine for shipping to Indonesia

Mian features of the coir fiber extracting machine

  1. The small coconut fiber extracting machine has a simple structure and is easy to use and maintain. Moreover, compared to the large-scale coconut shell fiber processing machine, the price of this coconut shell fiber extraction machine is more favorable, so it is very suitable for small and medium-sized coconut shell processing plants.
  2. The processing capacity of the coconut fiber extractor is about 800kg per hour, and the working efficiency is very high. Moreover, only one worker is required to operate it during use, which saves time and effort. The cutter inside the machine is made of wear-resistant material, which is not easy to wear, has a long service life, and the replacement method is simple.
  3. Currently, our commercial coir fiber extraction machine is very popular in many Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
processed coconut coir fiber
processed coconut coir fiber

Usually, after extracting coconut fiber, we will dry them naturally or use a dryer to dry them. The dried coconut coir fiber needs to be packaged. We can use this hydraulic coconut fiber baler to pack the coconut fiber into a uniform size bundle, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The hydraulic baler has high working efficiency, and the size of the baler can be set and adjusted.

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