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drum wood chippers machine for sale

Brief introduction of drum wood chippers

Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for the production of high-quality wood chips. This wood chipper shredder is popular in the market because of its large output and high efficiency. This large wood chipper can be continuously produced in the factory or raw material production area, with a high degree of automation and strong adaptability.

Large wood chipper for sale
Large wood chipper for sale

Technical parameter of the large wood chipper machine

Knife Quantity22
Feeding size300*680 mm230*500 mm
Capacity10-15 t/h5-8t/h
Raw material dimension300 mm230 mm
Wood chip size25 mm(Adjustable)25 mm(Adjustable)
Main power110 kw55 kw
Weight8600 kg5600 kg
Feeding inlet conveyor6 m6 m
Outlet conveyor8 m8 m
Packing Size3105*2300*1650 mm2735*2200*1200 mm

Drum wood chippers’ structure

The commercial wood chipper mainly consists of two parts: 1. Host. 2. Conveyor belt. The main structure of the machine includes: machine body, cutter roller, hydraulic system, conveyor belt and upper and lower feeding rollers. The body part of the machine is welded with high-strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole wood chipper.

How does the drum wood chipper work?

The cutting system of this newly designed large wood chipper is mainly composed of special knife rollers. There are usually multiple rotary cutting blades mounted on the knife roll. When feeding different sizes of wood, the feeding roller in its cutting system can float up and down within a certain range with the help of its hydraulic system, so that the wood enters the cutting system smoothly without shaking.

Work diagram of the drum wood chipper machine
Work diagram of the drum wood chipper machine

Qualified wood chips cut by the knife roller will fall through the mesh hole and be discharged from the bottom, while larger wood chips will continue to be cut in the cutting bin. The cover of the drum wood chipper can be opened to facilitate the replacement of the blade and the adjustment of the blade position.

details of commercial wood chipper machine
details of commercial wood chipper machine

Disc wood chipper VS Drum wood chipper

1. The shape, structure, and working principle of the two wood chippers are different. The disc-type wood chipper uses a cutter to cut without the need to install a screen. The drum wood chipper uses a knife roller to cut and has a screen structure.

processing effect of electric drum wood chipper
processing effect of electric drum wood chipper

2.The application scenarios and output of the two wood chippers are very different. The disc wood chipper is suitable for small wood processing plants, and the output is small. The large-scale wood chipper can be used for continuous production, and the output is large. Generally, it is used in large-scale wood chip processing plants.

Main features of the large wood chippers

1.The machine is very adaptable. It can adapt to installation and use under different geographical and topographic conditions, and is not affected by season, climate and other conditions. In addition, the drum wood chipper has a wide range of applications. Logs, trails, branches, stumps, slats, waste wooden boards, etc. can be processed into qualified wood chips.

drum wood chippers are in stock of Shuliy machinery
drum wood chippers are in stock of Shuliy machinery

2.The machine has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, high production efficiency and good finished product quality. In addition, there is no need to lay foundation when using the machine, which can save manpower and financial resources.

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