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A disc wood chipper is a powerful and versatile machine designed for efficiently processing wood materials in various industries.

A disc wood chipper is a powerful and versatile machine designed for efficiently processing wood materials in various industries. This robust equipment plays a crucial role in converting logs, branches, and other wood waste into uniform-sized wood chips or pieces. The primary function of a wood chipper is to reduce the volume of wood waste, providing a sustainable solution for managing forestry by-products, tree pruning debris, and lumber production residues.

The resulting wood chips have diverse applications, including mulching, composting, fuel production, and serving as raw materials for various industries. The efficiency, reliability, and versatility of wood chippers make them indispensable tools in the field of wood processing, contributing to sustainable practices and resource utilization.

wood chipping machine

Technical data of electric wood chippers

ModelPowerCapacityNumber of bladesInput sizeWeight
wood chippers making machine parameters

Structural features of wood chipper machine for sale

Shuliy Machinery designs and manufactures the most advanced wood chipping equipment in the industry, which has been exported to many countries in the world. The main structure of our disc wood chipper includes frame, frame, coupling, motor, cutter head, pulley, and so on.

The structure of the disc wood chipper is similar to that of wood shaving machines, but their cutter disc structure and shape are very different. According to different application environments, disc wood chippers can be divided into upper-discharge wood chippers and lower-discharge wood chippers.

main parts of the disc wood chipper
main parts of the disc wood chipper
disc wood chippers with various designs
disc log chippers with various designs

Upper-discharge wood chipper

The wood chippers for sale of the upper discharge are generally smaller in size and can be fixed in a specific working place or can be installed on a frame with wheels for easy movement when in use.

The design of the upper discharge of the wood chipper is generally very suitable for its mobile work. The processed wood chips can be dropped directly into the storage equipment (such as the car bucket).

Lower-discharge wood chipper

Generally, the wood chipping machine of the lower discharge is larger, and it is generally used for continuous production in a wood processing factory. The machine is also available in fixed and mobile types.

When the lower discharge chipper is working, an automatic conveying device is generally installed below the discharge port, which can automatically convey the processed wood chips to the storage bin.

large wood chipper machine for sale
large disc wood chipper machine for sale

Working video of the wood chipper machine

log chipper machine

Advantages of Shuliy disc wood chippers

1. Our wood chipper models and types are very complete, no matter what production needs our customers have, we can recommend the most suitable wood chipping equipment.

2. To ensure the quality of the machine and extend the service life of the machine, we usually use thicker steel plates and more elaborate processing methods when manufacturing this wood chipper.

3. The diameter of the raw material suitable for the processing of the disc wood chipper is generally between 22cm-55cm, and the output of the disc wood chippers ranges from 500kg/h to 15T/h.

applications of disc wood chipper machine
applications of disc wood chipper machine

Applications of wood chips

Wood chips produced by our Wood Chipper serve a multitude of purposes, showcasing their versatility and value across various industries.

1. Power Generation:

The wood chips generated by our Wood Chipper are an ideal source of biomass fuel for power generation in plants. Their consistent size and efficient combustion make them a sustainable and renewable energy solution.

2. Premium Wood Sales:

The high-quality wood chips produced can be sold as premium wood material. These chips, uniform in size and texture, find demand in markets for diverse applications, including landscaping, gardening, and even artisanal woodcraft.

3. Paper Production:

Our Wood Chipper contributes to the paper and pulp industry by producing wood chips suitable for paper production. These chips, meeting industry standards, become a vital raw material in the creation of various paper and pulp products.

packaging and shipping of wood chippers
exported wood chips making machine

Shuliy wood chipper machine packaging and exporting

The disc chipper has a compact structure and a very high work efficiency, which is very popular in overseas markets.

Currently, we export a large number of wood chippers to Southeast Asian countries and African countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, etc. We also manufacture wood shaving machines, wood crushers, and other wood processing equipment, if interested, consult us anytime.

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Choosing our Disc Wood Chipper means embracing a future of outstanding performance and enhanced productivity in sustainable wood processing. Our product stands out not only for its widespread application across industries but also for its stability, versatility, and cutting-edge technology.

Let our Disc Wood Chipper be the driving force behind your business success, propelling you toward a greener and more efficient path in wood processing.