How to calculate the power consumption of electric wood crusher?

applications of the wood crusher

Different from the wood crusher driven by diesel engines, the electric wood crusher is mainly driven by electricity. And the electric motor power of different types and different output electric wood crushers are also different. The larger the power, the higher the productivity, and the greater the power consumption. So, how do we calculate the power consumption of electric wood shredders?

Does the electric wood crusher consume much power?

Wood crushers are used to process logs, branches, and other materials, and rely on the drive of a motor to achieve crushing work. The power of the motor of the crushing device is fixed, so will the power consumption be large in actual work? In fact, the actual power consumption is lower than expected.

processing size with the hammer wood crusher
processing size with the hammer wood crusher

Calculation method of power consumption of electric wood crusher

The calculation method of the actual power consumption of the wood shredder is: data measured with an ammeter x three-phase voltage = actual power. Actual power x power factor = useful power. Useful power x power factor = shaft power. Shaft power/active power=power. Among them, the actual power, active power, power factor, etc. can be measured with an electric meter.

The conversion principle of the frequency conversion equipment is one-time AC-DC-three voltages. Its measured power and output power should be basically the same. The primary current is small and the secondary current is large.

The primary voltage is higher and the secondary voltage is lower (at low speed). The current output by the frequency converter has a waveform similar to a positive spin-wave, which is composed of many square waves. Therefore, the measurement results are based on, and there will be errors.

Electric wood crushers for sale

When most mechanical equipment is used in the field, power consumption is not very large. And the power consumption is not only multiplied by the power consumption time and electric power.

This is because after the machine is in normal operation, the motor is not working at full load, but it is less than the theoretical value. The electric wood crusher works at full power when it is started. Therefore, when the wood shredder is used on the ground, the power consumption is not very high, which is more economical.

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