5 operation points of Wood Crushing Machine

Wood Crushing Machine

Wood crushing machine is a widely used processing machinery in production. But some operators in the use of the process is not strictly in accordance with the protocol operation, ignoring the maintenance, not only will cause mechanical failure, but also greatly reduce the efficiency of the machine crushing. Therefore, in the use of a wood crusher, do not ignore the maintenance, the following is a few aspects of the daily maintenance of wood crusher.

Wood Crushing Machine
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1.After the wood crushing machine is turned on, it is not allowed to disassemble or check any part of the machine inside. Various tools shall not be placed randomly on the machine, so as not to damage the machine. When you hear abnormal sounds should immediately stop, wait for the machine to stop before overhaul.

2. Staff should regularly refill the wood crushing machine lubricant, most commonly used in the bearing assembly oil cup, in general, as long as every 2 hours the oil cup cover rotates 1/4 turn, the cup lubricant pressed into the bearing can be, such as closed bearings, can work 300 hours after refilling 1 grease.

3, Do not arbitrarily increase the speed of the shredder, generally allowed to differ from the rated speed of 8%-10%.

4. Employees should check and clean the machine in time. At the end of each day’s work, employees should promptly clean the machine, and check whether the screws in various parts are loose, d tooth claw, screen, and other wearing parts of the wear and tear.

5. Operators should carefully check the raw materials before crushing, it is strictly prohibited to mix copper, iron, lead, and other metal parts and larger stones into the crushing chamber.

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