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Wood crusher shredders are also called sawdust making machines. This fast wood crushing equipment can crush not only logs but also branches. And its driving method can be electric drive and diesel engine drive.

Wood crusher shredders are also called sawdust making machines. The wood shredder can crush all kinds of hardwoods, logs, branches, straws, agricultural and forestry wastes, etc., and process them into sawdust with uniform fineness. This fast wood crushing equipment can crush not only logs but also branches. And its driving method can be electric drive or diesel engine drive.

Therefore, we Shuliy factory can provide both the electric wood crusher and the diesel-driven wood shredder machine. The appearance, structure, and function of the electric wood shredder and the diesel-driven wood shredder are the same. The only difference between them is that they are driven differently.

3t/h wood shredder machine

Brief introduction about electric wood crusher

The electric wood shredder is a very efficient wood shredding equipment. The pulverizer is mainly driven by a motor. The motor power of different models of electric wood shredders is different.

Generally speaking, the larger the model of the machine, the greater the motor power and the greater the production capacity. Electric wood shredders are usually fixed in factories.

electric wood shredder
electric wood shredding machine

Technical parameters of Electric wood crushing machine

electric wood crushing machine parameters

Motor-driven wood crushing machine video

hammer mill working process

Diesel-driven wood shredder machine

Diesel-driven wood shredders are usually movable during operation. This is because this wood crushing equipment is driven by a diesel engine or a diesel unit, and it is not restricted by conditions such as the working place when it works. The diesel-driven wood shredder can work in mountains, forests, fields, farms, etc. It is very convenient to use.

Technical parameters of the diesel-driven wood shredder

ModelDiesel engine(Hp)Max diameter of woodsCapacity(kg/h)
parameters of wood crusher with diesel engine

Diesel engine driving wood shredder machine video

wood shredder machine video

The main structure of the hammer mill for crushing wood

The commercial wood crushing machine is a newly designed equipment for wood crushing and recycling. After a long period of after-sales tracking, combined with customer feedback on the use of the machine, we have optimized and upgraded the wood crushing machines.

Compact structure, simple and smooth operation, and high production efficiency have always been the main advantages of our commercial wood shredders. The structure of the hammer mill mainly includes a frame, a base, a motor, a pulley, a shredding chamber (knife disc, hammers, and screen), and so on.

main parts of the wood crusher
main parts of the hammer mill

In order to give customers more choices and meet the needs of customers to a greater extent, our wood crushing machines are designed into various types, such as diesel-driven wood crushing machines, electric wood shredders, stationary wood crushers, and mobile wood shredder hammer mills, etc.

How does a wood crusher shredder work?

Materials such as wood and branches will be quickly cut into wood chips by their internal cutters after entering the inlet of the crusher. Then under the power generated by the rotor of the machine, the wood chips are constantly subjected to the force of the hammer chips in the crushing chamber and become fine debris.

The wood chips are screened out through the screen holes and extracted into the dust removal device through the fan for storage. The wood chips that cannot pass through the mesh will continue to be crushed in the crushing room until they become fine particles.

crushing effect of wood crusher machine
final product of wood crusher machine

Applications of the wood crushers

Wood shredding machine is a piece of necessary equipment for the wood recycling and processing industry. It is usually used in various wood processing plants, charcoal processing plants, and wood board processing plants. The processed wood chips can be used to make edible fungus culture medium and biomass pellets.

applications of wood crusher machine
applications of wood crushing machine

Advantages of Shuliy Wood Hammer Mills

1. Wood shredder is wear-resistant and has a long service life. In order to improve the overall performance of the machine and extend the service life of the machine, we used thicker steel plates when making the wood shredder. We do not hesitate to increase the production cost, but also to ensure the quality of the machine.

2. Use brand-name motors. The wood crusher is driven by the motor to crush the material. Therefore, whether it is a large wood shredder or a small wood shredder, the quality of the motor directly determines the quality of the machine. We use brand-name motors to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reduces the failure rate.

3. Good after-sales service. We will maintain a good after-sales tracking service, continue to provide customers with machine installation, and use guidance to ensure that customers use wood shredders correctly.

Working video of the wood crusher for sale

5t/h wood crusher machine

Wood crusher shredder machine shipment to foreign countries

Various types of wood shredders in our Shuliy factory have exported wood processing equipment to more than 50 countries and regions in the past 10 years, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Nigeria, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Somalia, Uganda, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Russia, etc. We also provide wood shaving machines, wood chipper machines, and so on, if interested, consult us anytime.


As we step into this new era of wood processing, our hammer mill isn’t just a machine; it’s your powerful ally in achieving business success.

Beyond the wood shredder machine, we offer a range of wood processing solutions to meet your needs. Explore our Wood Shaving Machine, effortlessly turning wood blocks into consistently sized shavings, adding flexibility to your production line.

Additionally, our Wood Debarking Machine is an essential tool, efficiently removing the outer bark from wood, streamlining the process for your next stage of production.

Join the revolution in wood processing now! Choose our wood shredder for its excellence, for a more environmentally friendly, more efficient future. Contact us today and explore the limitless possibilities of wood processing, making wood shredder the key driving force behind your business success!

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