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wood flour grinding machine
wood flour grinding machine

What is a vertical wood powder machine?

Both vertical wood powder machine and horizontal wood powder making machine are the commonly used equipment for processing high-quality wood flour powder, which are available in our factory.

The vertical wood powder machine adopts the method of roller milling, which can further crush the wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, and crushed coconut shells and other materials, and process them into wood powder particles with higher fineness.

Technical parameter of wood powder milling machine

Number of grinding rollers466
Main power(kw)223055
Screening power(kw)2.22.24
Maximum feed diameter(mm)5510
Rotating speed(r/min)380380380
Final fineness(mesh)30-50060-50060-500
large wood flour processing plant
large wood flour processing plant

Use range of vertical wood powder milling grinder

The vertical wood powder machine is a dry roller mill type ultrafine powder milling equipment, which is independently developed by our company combining the advantages and disadvantages of various roller milling equipment at home and abroad.

This wood flour processing machine integrates centrifugal crushing, impact crushing, shear crushing, impact crushing, and squeezing crushing into one. Using the principle of fluid mechanics, it can grind wood chips, fibers, and non-metallic mineral materials below 350 mesh.

wood powder processing by the vertical wood powder machine
wood powder processing by the vertical wood powder machine

This wood powder grinder machine has the characteristics of good performance, high efficiency, small footprint, easy installation, and easy operation. The vertical wood flour mill is especially suitable for the ultra-fine crushing processing of wood chips, cassava residues, wheat bran, fibers, and other fibrous materials.

Working principle of the wood powder machine

When the machine is working, the material to be crushed is added into the machine from the feed hopper on the side of the machine shell. The grinding roller device suspended on the plum blossom frame in the main machine will revolve around the vertical axis and rotate at the same time.

wood powder milling machine in Singapore
wood powder milling machine in Singapore

Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and is pressed tightly against the grinding ring, so that the blade shovels the material and sends it to the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The purpose of crushing the material is achieved by the rolling and milling of the grinding roller.

Air separation process: After the material is ground, the fan will blow the wind into the main casing, blow up the powder, and sort it through the analyzer placed above the grinding chamber. The coarse material will fall into the grinding chamber and be ground again. , The fineness meets the specifications and enters the cyclone collector with the wind flow, and is discharged through the powder outlet after collection.

Main advantages of the vertical wood powder mill machine

1. The main body of the vertical wood powder machine adopts a vertical two-stage double-chamber alloy steel ball grinding device. The material is ground by the two-stage grinding chamber and then ground by the high-speed airflow grinding machine. The problem of low fineness and small output of wood powder machine.

vertical wood powder mill in customer's factory
vertical wood powder mill in customer’s factory

2. There is no screen and no crushing cutter inside the machine, which replaces the drawbacks of the traditional wood flour machine that frequently changes the screen and crushing cutter and seriously affects the normal operation and production of the equipment.

3. In the production and use of this wood flour grinder, it has low noise, strong durability and high output. It is 2-3 times more efficient than the traditional wood flour mill. It is the best wood flour processing equipment on the market. In addition, the wood powder size of the machine can be adjusted between 30-500 mesh.

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