Prospects and preparation of a wood powder processing plant

wood powder

Many countries now encourage the development of resource recovery enterprises and have also issued relevant support policies and financial support. Wood powder processing projects can reuse waste wood resources, which is a key investment project considered by many entrepreneurs. So what are the prospects of starting a wood powder processing plant? What preparations should be done?

What are the uses of wood flour (powder)?

The powder made of wood is called wood powder or wood flour, and it is generally found in furniture factories, MDF factories, multi-layer board factories, and other fields for the remaining corner waste of wood processing.

small wood powder processing plant
small wood powder processing plant

Wood flour is widely used and is a new type of environmentally friendly raw material. High-quality wood powder can be used as a raw material for a variety of products such as mosquito coils, leather, clothing, paper making, daily necessities, paints, cat litter, chemicals, insulation materials, outdoor decoration materials, construction materials and so on.

Prospects of wood powder processing plants

Wood powder is widely used, which determines its huge market demand. With the increasing use of wood flour domestically and internationally, the wood flour processing industry has greater room for development.

Pakistan customer'plant for making wood powder
Pakistan customer’plant for making wood powder

In addition to the traditional wood flour sales market (board, incense, etc.), with the advancement of technology and the improvement of research and development, many new projects using wood flour are emerging, such as the research and application of wood flour as an adhesive filler; The performance research of powder-filled insulating glass sealant; the preparation and performance research of polypropylene composite material filled with wood powder are all very important topics.

What equipment is needed to start a wood powder processing plant?

We can formulate specific wood flour production plans for customers according to their different needs, including equipment selection and plant planning. Therefore, the specifications of the wood powder processing plants are different for different customer needs. Commonly used equipment for starting a wood powder processing plant includes wood chippers, wood crushers, wood powder machines, and wood powder dryers.