Why did wood chippers output decline?

disc wood chippers with wheels

There are many factors that affect the decline of wood chipper output. Among them, there are both internal equipment factors and external environmental factors. When deciding the cause of wood crusher output, it cannot be determined from a single aspect. the staff of Shuliy machinery, after years of experience in equipment maintenance, has summarized the following reasons that can explain the decrease in wood chipper output.

Material’s hardness

The hardness of the raw material will affect the output of the wood chipper. Based on customer feedback and the manufacturer’s experience, manufacturers have found that some hardwoods will be more difficult to shred. Because the speed of the blades will be slowed down by high resistance, the shredding capacity will also be reduced. Not only that but the blades inside the shredder will also be worn out. Woods with light and soft material and moderate strength, they are much easier to process.M

Material’s dryness

The moisture content of the material will also affect the output and efficiency of the wood crusher. If the moisture content of the wood is large, the crushed pieces will easily stick to each other in the crushing chamber, the movement ability will be reduced, and the material will be easily blocked in the feeding and conveying process, resulting in reduced crushing capacity, so the final output will also be reduced. Therefore, if the conditions allow, you can try to reduce the moisture content of the material to ensure that the material has a certain degree of dryness, you can use natural drying or drying machine for drying, which can prevent the yield decline.

Product’s fineness

The fineness of the finished sawdust will also affect the wood chipper‘s output. The finer the material required to be crushed, the more difficult it is to guarantee the output. Only by improving the related technology and the quality of the machine, such as the quality of the internal blades of the wood chipper, the design of the screen size, etc., is it possible to guarantee the output while ensuring the fineness of the wood chips.