Why do customers care about the tree branch crusher price?

small branches shredder applications

As an important garden resource recycling and processing equipment, the tree branch crusher is very popular in the international market. At present, many foreign customers have purchased our large branch crusher and small branch crusher, such as Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, France, etc. In the process of communicating with customers, we found that customers generally care about the tree branch crusher price. Why?

What is the significance of crushing and recycling orchard branches?

1. The fresh branches of fruit trees are directly crushed into a length of 2-5cm with a branch crusher, which can reduce transportation costs.

large tree branches crushing machine
large tree branches crushing machine

2. The materials crushed by the branch crusher can be used as organic fertilizer after rot. The shredded branch fragments are mixed with livestock and poultry manure, crop straws, etc., humidified to the humidity of about 60%, mixed with beneficial organisms and starter, the accumulation height reaches about 1m and covered with plastic cloth to promote its fermentation, it can be used as a tree Organic fertilizer.

What are the factors that affect the tree branch crusher price?

1. Because of different geographical locations and labor costs, the price of the branch crusher is different. Often the production cost of tree branch crusher manufacturers with relatively high production costs is naturally higher than market prices. In addition, when customers buy branch shredder products, they should know the approximate price of the branch shredder product, so that they can be aware of it.

applications of the branch crusher machine
applications of the branch crusher machine

2. The quotation of high-quality branch crusher is different from that of general branch crusher. Some customers do n’t understand why some manufacturers ’machine quotations are higher than the market price, and they just blindly pursue low-priced products. This approach is unreasonable. Because the quality of the high-quotation branch crusher is usually better, the branch crusher uses a brand-name motor, and its machine shell will be thicker than the general branch crusher.

3. For the branch crusher, its product stability is a very important indicator to judge the quality of the equipment. If the machine runs smoothly when the machine is started, and the vibration feeling is small, then the overall structural stability analysis of this branch crusher is good. Also note that the bearings of the machine should be installed in place. The bearing is an important part of the branch crusher, which can drive the roller to rotate, so the bearing is installed in place, which will directly affect the production efficiency and service life of the branch crusher.

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