Wood debarker machine shipped to Bulgaria in 2022

wood debarker machine

Good news to everyone! Shuliy Group shipped a wood debarker machine to Bulgaria in December 2022. We will introduce the successful case and the machine details for your reference. If you have the same requirement, welcome to contact us anytime.

Information of the cooperation with customer in Bulgaria

The customer from Bulgaria has cooperated with us twice, the customer has a local wood processing factory, and last time he bought a wood peeling machine from us, after using it for a period of time, he found the quality and appearance of the wood peeling machine are very good. Now he wants to expand his business and decided to buy another wood peeler.

In addition, this customer from Bulgaria is also very satisfied with our service. The Bulgarian customer said that he was very impressed with the service of Shuliy Group. Our sales managers responded promptly when they received his questions and solved his problems very well. He felt that he received very good service so he quickly placed his order.

wood debarker machine
wood debarker machine
Wood debarker machine shipped to Bulgaria

Parameter of the wood debarker machine sent to Bulgaria

The following data introduce the basic parameters of the wood debarker machine sent to Bulgaria. If you are interested in wood processing equipment, Shuliy Machinery would be a great choice.

Suitable wood diameter5-25 cm
Dimension2250*1250*1700 mm
Weight1.6 ton
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