A large wood crusher was exported to Malaysia

large wood crushing machine for shipping to Malaysia
large wood crushing machine for shipping to Malaysia

Wood crushers, which are widely used, play an important role in recycling agricultural and forestry resources. It can process all kinds of biomass resources into particles with even fineness, and then these particles can be further processed into other items.

The wood shredding equipment manufactured by our factory has been very popular in the international market. Recently, we have exported a large wood crusher to Malaysia.

Main features of the Malaysia large wood crusher

1. Compared with small wood crushers, large wood crushers are larger in size, heavier in weight, and have a larger processing capacity per hour.

2. Large wood shredders have smaller requirements for the size of the materials to be processed because the diameter of the inlet of the machine is larger. Therefore, the application scope of the large wood crusher is wider.

wood crushers in Shuliy factory
wood crushers in Shuliy factory

3. Large wood crushers have large processing capacity and are often more suitable for medium and large-scale factories. And when using this machine, it often needs to be equipped with automatic conveying equipment, which can ensure the continuity and automation of the production process.

How was this Malaysia wood crusher order reached?

The Malaysian customer has a wood processing plant in the local area, which mainly crushes and reprocesses various types of wood and branches. The wood shredding equipment originally purchased by his factory has an old style and a single function.

On the other hand, due to long-term use, his wood shredder is now broken and production efficiency is low. Therefore, the customer intends to update the wood processing machinery of his factory.

The customer actively contacted our sales manager through our official website and asked a lot of questions about the wood shredder. The Malaysian customer stated that in the next few months, the processing capacity of his factory will become larger, so he hopes we can recommend a wood crusher model with high working efficiency and large processing capacity.

In the end, we recommended the SL-900 model to him based on the processing volume he requested, with an output of 3000 kg per hour.

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