Wood Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

This commercial wood shaving machine is mainly used to cut all kinds of dry wood and branches into curled shavings with uniform thickness.
wood shaving machine for sale

This commercial wood shaving machine is mainly used to cut all kinds of dry wood and branches into curled wood shavings with uniform thickness. This wood shavings making machine can be driven by electricity and diesel engines.

The high-quality shavings processed by the commercial wood shavings machine can be used as bedding for animals, such as horses, chickens, pigs, etc., as well as protective fillers in shipping containers. This machine can process wood shavings of different thicknesses and sizes and it has high working efficiency. Its processing volume can reach 300kg/h to 2500kg/h per hour.

commercial wood shaving machine for sale
commercial wood shaver machine for sale

How to make wood shavings by wood shavings machine?

When using the machine, first turn on the power and start the machine to keep the machine in continuous operation. Then put the wood or branches to be processed into the inlet of the wood shaving machine. After the wood enters the machine inlet, it will be quickly cut into uniform wood shavings and discharged through the outlet.

wood shavings machine working process

Technical parameters of wood shaver machine

Parameters of electric wood shaver machine
packaging and shipping of wood shaving machines
exported wood shaving machines

Precautions of wood shaver machine parameters

The log shaving machine has multiple models, and the output of each model and the size of the applicable raw materials are different. Customers need to pay attention to the distinction when purchasing. Generally, the larger the model of the wood shaver machine, the larger the output and the larger the feed size.

We only list the parameter table of the electric wood shaver machine. If customers need diesel-driven wood shavers, they can contact us directly. Our Shuliy factory can customize suitable machine models for customers according to their production needs.

Raw materials for making wood shavings

There are many raw materials used to produce wood shavings. Generally, all kinds of logs, branches, poplar, mulberry, locust wood, shrubs, scrap building templates, etc. of different diameters and sizes can be used to process wood shavings.

But if you want to produce high-quality wood shavings, it is best to use the peeled logs. This is because shavings processed from logs are more uniform in size and thickness and produce less debris.

applications of wood shaving machine
applications of wood shaver machine

Applications of wood shavings

  1. Transportation and Packaging: The lightweight and fluffy nature of wood shavings makes them ideal for cushioning and protecting fragile items during transportation. Placing wood shavings in packing boxes serves as an effective shock absorber, preventing damage to delicate goods.
  2. Fire Starter: Wood shavings serve as excellent kindling for starting fires. In numerous European and American countries, they are commonly utilized to ignite home fireplaces. The quick ignition properties of wood shavings make them a convenient and efficient choice for initiating fires.
  3. Equestrian Industry: Horse farms, in particular, have a significant demand for wood shavings. The fluffy and absorbent qualities of wood shavings make them an excellent choice for horse bedding. The equestrian industry values wood shavings for their ability to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for horses.
  4. Poultry Farming: Chicken farms also heavily rely on wood shavings for bedding material. The absorbent nature of wood shavings helps in maintaining a clean and dry environment, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the poultry.
wood shavings for animal bedding
log shavings for animal bedding

Main structure of wood shaving machine for animal bedding

The main structure of the wood shavings machine includes a frame body, motor, pulley, cutter head, and so on. The cutter head of the machine is between 0.5-3mm. By adjusting the angle of the tip of the cutter head, the thickness of the finished wood shavings can be adjusted. Because wood shavings are a one-shot product, there are no screens and hammers inside this wood shaver.

wood shaving machine maufacturer
wood shaving machine in stock

Working video of commercial wood shaver machine

how does the wood shaver machine work?

Features of Shuliy wood shaving machine for animal bedding

1. The commercial log shaving machine has a variety of models, we can choose the appropriate machine model according to the customer’s raw material size, and provide free installation and use instructions.

2. The wood shavings processed by this shaving machine are very versatile and can be widely used in various paper mills, particleboard factories, fiberboard factories, and wood chip production bases. In addition, wood shavings are also commonly used in the transportation and materials for animal bedding.

3. Efficient Wood Shaving Production. Utilizing advanced cutting mechanisms, the Wood Shaving Machine can efficiently and precisely produce consistently sized wood shavings. This ensures reliable quality shavings that find widespread use in various industries.

4. User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance. Designed for simplicity, the wood shaving machine is easy to operate and comes with straightforward maintenance procedures. This reduces the technical barrier for operators, making daily use and maintenance more convenient.

Trouble and solution of using log shaving machine

1. The belt will get stuck when using a log shaving machine

Reason: The motor rotor and machine rotor are not concentric.

Solution: The position of the motor can be moved to the left and right. Or add pads under the motor feet to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.

2. The output of wood shaving machines is relatively low

Cause: The blade is not sharp or the blade is not adjusted to the proper position.

Solution: Remove the blade and sharpen the blade. Or adjust the blade to the appropriate chip position.

3. The wood shaver machine has difficulty in feeding and slow cutting

Cause: The blade is badly worn. Or the blade gap is too large or too small.

Solution: Grind the blade to ensure the blade is sharp. Or adjust the fixed knife gap 2-3mm, and ensure that the blade angle cannot be greater than 30 °.

wood shaving machine manufacturing in Shuliy factory
wood shaver machine manufacturing in Shuliy factory

Maintenance of wood shaving machine for horse bedding

Regular maintenance of the wood shaving machine can improve the production efficiency of wood shavings and reduce machine failures. The maintenance of the wood shaving machine requires three main aspects: replacing the blades of the cutter head, filling the machine bearings with lubricating oil, and replacing vulnerable parts.

Customer cases of Shuliy log shaving machines

Small wood shaver making machines were exported to South Africa to produce bedding for horse farms.

electric wood shaving machine shipped to South Africa

How is the small wood shaving machine price?

The price of wood shaving machines is often determined by different shaving machine manufacturers. Different wood shaving machine manufacturers have different prices because of the different types, structures, and performances of the shaving machines they supply.

The price of the same wood shaver machine will vary depending on the machine material, motor brand and power, and blade quality. Therefore, users need to make careful comparisons when purchasing wood shaving equipment.

commercial wood shaving machines are in manufacturing
commercial wood shaving machines are in manufacturing


Choosing our Wood Shaving Machine means opting for excellence and reliability. We provide complimentary installation services and comprehensive usage instructions to ensure that you can effortlessly harness the power of this efficient tool. Our product not only offers versatility but can also be customized to your specific requirements, providing the optimal solution for your business.

Join the Wood Shaving Machine family today and embark on a new era of efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re a startup or an industry veteran, we are dedicated to partnering with you on your path to greater success. Select Wood Shaving Machine for superior quality, and choose a future filled with endless possibilities. Contact us now, and let’s shape a brighter future together for the woodworking and agricultural industries!

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