How is the processing flow of poultry feed pellets?

poultry feed pellet applications
poultry feed pellet applications

The large-volume production of poultry feed pellets in a factory requires a complete set of processing procedures, including raw material crushing and drying, feed pelleting, and finished product cooling.

Advantages of feeding poultry with pellet feed

Pellet feed machine is widely used in the feed processing industry and breeding industry with its many advantages. The pellet feed produced by the poultry feed pellets making machine has a higher density and lower water content, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

At the same time, because the pellet feed has already mixed the various nutrients of the feed, and each feed pellet contains all the nutrients required by the farmed animals, it also avoids the traditional farming method that has to do with the poultry or livestock. The cumbersome procedure of feeding different foods. At the same time, this nutritious pellet feed also allows some picky eaters to obtain comprehensive nutrition.

feed pellet machine with electricity and diesel engine drive
feed pellet machine with electricity and diesel engine drive

The processing flow of making poultry feed pellets

Raw material crushing

Material crushing is an indispensable operation for poultry feed pellets before pelleting. Only the materials crushed by the feed mill can be processed by the pellet machine. Generally speaking, the crushing size of the material is related to the diameter of the compressed feed particles.

Usually, how large the diameter of the particles is to be produced, then the particle size of the raw material is also this number. For example, if your feed particle diameter requirement is 5mm, then the material needs to be crushed below 5mm. The poultry feed pellet machine manufacturer recommends that the user can crush the material below 6mm, which is suitable for all types of poultry feed pellet production.

Raw material moisture needs to be kept at about 13%

Many people do not know to control the moisture content of the raw materials before using the cattle and sheep straw feed pellet machine. The poultry pellet feed machine is dry in and out, which means that the pellet machine has strict requirements on the moisture of the material. We recommend that users keep the material moisture at about 13%. Before granulating, if the material is relatively wet, it needs to be dried first.

When granulating, it needs to be fed at a uniform speed

Whether the poultry feed pellet machine feeds at a uniform speed is related to whether the pellet machine can work normally. If the feeding is too fast, it is easy to cause the material to overflow the discharge port of the feed pellet machine. If the feeding is too slow, it is easy to cause the pellet machine to run empty. Therefore, the feeding speed should be maintained at a constant speed, which can ensure the normal operation of the poultry feed pellet machine and improve the working efficiency of the pellet machine

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