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animal feed pellet mill machine
Feed pellets processed by the small animal feed pellet mill can be used to feed cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and other animals and poultries.

This household small animal feed pellet mill can process poultry feed pellets of various sizes. This feed pellets making machine is also called the poultry feed pellet machine and flat die pellet machine.

The animal feed pellet mill is mainly driven by the rotation of the die plate to drive the rotation of the built-in pressing roller to quickly squeeze corn, soybean meal, grass fodder, green fodder, etc. into pellets.

Feed pellets processed by the commercial animal feed pellet machine can usually be used to feed cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits, camels, deer, and other animals. This livestock feed pellet machine is widely used in small and medium feed factories, farms, and family units.

Animal Feed Pellet Mill Working Video

Why feed pellets to livestock?

Animals such as cattle and sheep are ruminants, and their digestive system is characterized by polygastric structures. Their digestion of food is characterized by a long digestion process and long digestion time.

Therefore, farmers cannot feed powdered feed like monogastric animals such as pigs and chickens, which is not in line with the feeding characteristics of animals such as cattle and sheep.

applications of the animal feed pellet mills
applications of the animal feed pellet mills

The powdered animal feed pellet mill shortens the digestion process of the cattle and sheep, which causes the cattle and sheep to continue to eat. Feeding cattle and sheep with pellet feed is an ideal choice because this feed meets the characteristics of animals that need to digest food for a long time.

In addition, by modulating feed pellets with different formulas to feed animals such as cattle, sheep, etc., it is possible to add nutrients and supplement trace elements to the animals promptly to ensure healthy feeding of the animals.

How to make animal feed pellets?

The production of animal feed pellets requires the help of a special feed pellet making machine.

The small household animal feed pellet mill designed and manufactured by our factory can make various crop stalks, forage, soybeans, corn, etc. into poultry feed pellets.

feed pellets in the cattle farm
feed pellets in the cattle farm

The feed pellet machine adopts the working principle of high-speed grinding and squeezing, which can quickly crush the raw materials and squeeze them out of the pores of the grinding disc to make particles with uniform density.

This kind of animal feed pellet mill is not only suitable for household use but also suitable for small and medium-sized cattle and sheep farms, chicken farms, pig farms, etc.

Structure of the animal feed pellet mill machine

Cattle and sheep feed pellet machines are welcomed by small farmers, family farmers, and small feed processing factories because of their simple operation, low energy consumption, convenient movement, simple operation, and moderate price.

The main structure of the electric animal feed pellet mill includes the feed port (the size of the hopper can be customized), the main engine compartment (mainly the pressure roller and the pressure plate), the discharge port, the motor coupling, the load-bearing bracket, the moving wheel, and the all-copper motor.

feed pellet machine with electricity and diesel engine drive
feed pellet mill with electricity and diesel engine drive

The pressure plate aperture range is usually between 3mm-8mm. The minimum diameter of feed pellets can reach 2.5mm. The smaller the processing diameter of feed pellets, the smaller the output of the animal feed pellet mill.

The number of pressure rollers is usually two rollers, three rollers, and four rollers, and the more the number of pressure rollers, the greater the output.

The structure of the diesel-driven animal feed pellet mill is similar to the electric feed pellet machine, but their driving method is different.

feed pellet making machines in stock
feed pellet making machines display

Working principle of the livestock feed pellet machine

During the pelleting process of the livestock feed pellet machine, the rotating distributor located on the upper part of the feed pellet machine will evenly distribute the material on the surface of the die.

Then the material is pressed into the die hole by the rotating pressure roller and extruded from the bottom of the pressure plate. The rod-shaped feed extruded through the die hole will be quickly cut into the required length by the cutting roller and then discharged through the discharge port.

Animal Feed Pellet Mill Working Process

The poultry feed pellet machine generates high temperatures due to high-speed friction during the pelleting process, which can effectively kill harmful bacteria and disease microorganisms in the raw materials. The feed pellets for poultry and livestock are easy to digest and have high absorption efficiency.

Farmers can usually use the feed pellet machine to make a large number of animal feed pellets for the livestock to eat when there is a shortage of food in winter. Moreover, the transportation of processed feed pellets is also convenient.

What can be used to make animal feed pellets?

The raw materials used to make animal feed pellets are usually various crop stalks, forage, corn, soybeans, etc. Among them, corn, soybeans and other raw materials can be directly put into the pellet machine for granulation. However, most crop straws and forages need to be crushed first.

different kinds of animal feed pellets
different kinds of animal feed pellets

We can use a straw crusher machine to pulverize these materials into debris within three centimeters in size. In addition, the animal feed pellet mill effect of granulating is best when the moisture content of the material is about 10%-15%.

cattle feed pellet machine molds and rollers
Animal Feed Pellet Mill molds and rollers

Small animal feed pellet processing plant

The complete animal feed pellet processing plant mainly includes straw crushers, mixers, pellet machines, coolers, etc.

Generally, when users produce animal feed pellets in large quantities, they will deploy the corresponding feed pellet formula according to the animal species and feeding plan of the farm.

Therefore, after the raw materials such as straw and forage are crushed, it is necessary to uniformly stir the raw materials with a mixer. The temperature of feed pellets is usually very high after processing and can be quickly cooled by means of a cooler with fans.

Parameters of the animal feed pellet mill

SL-F-125Single phase, 4kw80-100kg/h850*350*520mm
SL-F-150Single phase, 4kw100-150kg/h850*350*570mm
SL-F-210Three phase, 7.5kw300-450kg/h990*430*710mm
SL-F-260Three phase, 11/15kw600-800kg/h1300*450*1100mm
SL-F-300Three phase, 22kw1000-1200kg/h1360*570*1150mm
SL-F-400Three phase, 30kw1500-1800kg/h1550*620*1250mm
Livestock Feed Pellet Machine Parameters

The price of the cattle feed pellet machine

The price of the cattle feed pellet machine is determined according to its model and output. In addition, the more mold customers buy, the higher the price of cattle feed pellet mill will be.

This kind of commercial livestock feed pellet machine usually has many models. Moreover, the processing output of different types of feed pellet mills and the voltage required for operation are different.

In addition, our factory usually customizes specific cattle and sheep feed pellet production programs for different customers according to their actual production needs, including raw material crushing, raw material drying and mixing, feed pelleting, continuous delivery, and packaging of finished products, etc.

commercial feed pellet mill for sale
commercial animal feed pellet mill for sale

Workflow of the poultry feed pellet machine

1. Prepare straws and other raw materials, and crush them.

The raw materials for processing poultry feed pellets are diverse. The pellet feed is rich in nutrients and is conducive to the growth of animals. Generally, 5-6mm molds are used to make cattle and sheep feed pellets, so if the size of the raw material is greater than 6mm, then we need to use a straw crusher to crush it.

2. Stir the raw materials evenly.

When granulating, raw materials generally adopt diversified combinations. Therefore, we need to use a mixer to mix the raw materials evenly to ensure that each feed pellet made is nutritionally balanced. If you think manual mixing is too troublesome, you can choose to use a feed mixer.

3. Use a granulating machine to granulate.

details of animal feed pellet mill

Put the prepared raw materials into the poultry pellet feed machine, and then the feed pellets will come out of the machine’s discharge port. What needs attention in this step is the moisture of the material, which should be kept at about 10%~18%.

Importance of animal feed pellets making machine debugging

The debugging of the feed pellet machine is of great significance. Debugging the animal feed pellet machine in advance can not only quickly grasp the correct use of the machine but also effectively improve the production efficiency of the pellet machine and ensure the service life of the machine, reducing failures.

How to maintain the feed pellet machine?

The user must do a good job of regular maintenance and correct operation of the feed pellet machine to ensure that the machine has better working efficiency and longer service life. Operators should be familiar with the operating instructions of the feed pellet machine, be familiar with the performance, structure and use of the machine, and carry out installation, commissioning, and maintenance according to regulations.

Hard debris should be removed from the raw materials to avoid damage to the animal feed pellet mill. Machine inspections should be carried out regularly. Focus on timely repair or replacement of the wear and tear of moving parts such as bearings and worm gears. After the feed pellet machine is used up, the residue should be cleaned up in preparation for the next use.

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