How much is a new-designed wood crushing machine?

diesel engine type wood crushing machine
diesel engine type wood crushing machine

How much is a new wood crushing machine? In fact, the quality and manufacturing cost of the wood crushers determines the price of the wood crushers. Different wood crushing machine manufacturers have different manufacturing materials, processes, and costs so that the prices of wood crushers sold vary greatly.

New-designed wood crushing machine features

1. Compared with the older generation of wood crushing equipment, the new wood crusher has outstanding advantages in terms of work performance and structural optimization.

2. The thickness of its manufacturing material-steel plate is thicker than before, which makes the new wood crushers more resistant to wear and longer service life.

3. In addition, in order to meet the production needs of different customers, the wood shredder is designed to be fixed and mobile, so it can work in the plant and forest area.

new designed wood crushers of Shuliy factory
new designed wood crushers of Shuliy factory

4. In terms of the driving method, the new wood crushing machine can be driven by electric power or diesel engine. Therefore, it is possible to solve the problem that some customers cannot use wood shredder due to the high price of electricity and the shortage of electricity.

Why does the quality of the wood crusher affect its price?

1. The crushing capacity of the new wood crusher is very strong, and the feed port is equipped with a hydraulic forced feed system, which can easily feed various large logs into the crushing cavity for crushing processing. And in the process of crushing waste wood, the pulverizer will not cause abnormal wear or damage to internal components due to too large raw material volume or too high hardness.

working effect of wood crushers
working effect of wood crushers

2. This wood pulverizer machine is built with a special process, which has very high wear resistance and impacts resistance. It strengthens the overall strength from the inside out, ensuring the normal operation of the wood pulverizer. Extend the service life of the equipment and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

3. The wood crushing machine has very strong working stability, and the internal components will not be deformed due to long-term and high-strength production operations. The whole machine and internal components of the new wood pulverizer are all made of special materials, which have very good wear resistance and stability.

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