How much is the cattle feed pellet machine?

feed pellets in the cattle farm
Cattle feed pellets application

Processing cattle feed pellets usually requires the use of commercial animal feed pellet machines. This kind of feed pellet making machine has various models to choose from, and the prices of different models of cattle feed pellet machines are also different. This livestock feed pellet machine can mainly process diameters of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.

Why feed cattle and sheep with feed pellets?

Compared with traditional feed, pellet feed can be more conducive to the digestion of cattle and sheep, and effectively improve the eating habits of cattle and sheep. With the development of livestock breeding in recent years, the traditional feed can no longer meet the needs of cattle and sheep production and breeding.

various feed pellets for live stocks
various feed pellets for live stocks

Many farmers hope to find other feed products that are easy to obtain, easy to store, more nutritious, and lower cost. The pellet feed machine for cattle and sheep is the best choice. The cattle feed pellet machine can process cattle and sheep feed of different sizes.

What raw materials can be processed by the cattle feed pellets making machine?

The raw materials used to make feed pellets for cattle and sheep are usually various agricultural and forestry wastes and straws.

  1. Corn, bran, soybean meal and other food crops.
  2. Corn stalks, cotton stalks, weeds, hay, rape stalks, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings and other discarded crops.
commercial feed pellet mill for sale
commercial feed pellet mill for sale

How is the cattle feed pellet machine price?

The quotations of different feed pellet machine manufacturers on the market range from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. This is because the materials, structures, and functions of cattle feed pellet machines designed by different manufacturers are different.

In addition, the feed pellet making machines provided by different manufacturers to customers are customized according to different outputs, different configurations, and even different feed production lines, so their prices vary greatly. We recommend that users do not buy pellet feed equipment that is too cheap but should choose manufacturers with good details and workmanship.

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