How to do daily maintenance of wood crusher machine?

large type wood crushing machine in Shuliy factory
large type wood crushing machine in Shuliy factory

Commercial wood crusher machine used to make high-quality sawdust are usually very productive, with a processing capacity of up to 5 tons per hour. Continuous production for a long time will cause a certain degree of damage to the wood crushers.

But if the user pays attention to the daily maintenance of the wood crusher machines, then the machine can bring greater economic benefits to the users. The daily maintenance of the wood shredder mainly includes the maintenance of bearings and the replacement of screens.

Bearing maintenance of wood crusher machine

When the wood shredder is used for a long time, the bearing will be overheated, which will affect the normal production of the machine or cause safety hazards. Therefore, the user should maintain the wood shredder in time.

main parts of the hammer wood crushers
main parts of the hammer wood crushers

The reasons and solutions for the heat of the wood crusher bearing

1. When the two bearing seats of the mobile wood shredder are uneven, or the rotor of the motor is not concentric with the rotor of the shredder, the bearing of the machine will be impacted by an extra load, causing the bearing to overheat. If this happens, stop using the wood crusher immediately and troubleshoot to avoid bearing damage.

2. The fit of the bearing cover of the wood shredder and the shaft is too tight, too tight, or too loose the bearing and the shaft will cause the bearing to overheat. When this phenomenon occurs, the equipment will emit friction noise and obvious swing during operation. At this time, the user should stop using the wood crusher, remove the bearings, trim the friction parts, and then reassemble as required.

3. Too much, too little, or aging oil in the bearings of the wood shredder is also the main cause of bearing damage due to overheating. Therefore, the user should refill the lubricant quantitatively on time according to the requirements of the instruction manual. General lubrication accounts for 70% -80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.

wood crusher factory

Screen replacement of wood crusher machine

The screen of the wood grinder plays the role of sieving and filtering materials in the whole working process. At the same time, the screen is also a part of the wood crusher machine that is susceptible to wear. The customer needs to replace the screen after a certain period of time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Screen replacement method

1. In the first step, first lay the screen of the wood crusher machine on the lower press ring of the machine, and then stretch the screen on the lower press ring with a tight ring, taking care not to pull the net too tight.

2. In the second step, press the lower pressure screen ring and the screen together with bolts to the upper-pressure screen ring. Pay attention to the bolts being symmetrical and evenly compressed.

3. The third step is to lock and strengthen the screen body. Then, turn the rotor of the wood shredder to see if the gap between the blade and the screen fits.

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