The mobile wood crusher is more suitable for users with unstable sites

There are many models and types of wood crushers. The common ones are stationary wood crushers, electric wood shredders, diesel-driven wood shredders, and mobile wood crushers. Different types of wood crusher machines are suitable for different occasions, so customers should choose according to their actual production needs. Among them, mobile wood shredder is more suitable for users whose venues are not fixed.

Main features of the mobile wood crushers

The mobile wood shredder is a new type of wood shredding equipment with an improved design based on the fixed wood shredder. This wood crushing machine is fixed on a bracket with wheels. The number of wheels is usually three or four.

Mobile wood crushers are usually driven by diesel engines because they often work in the field and cannot use electricity efficiently. The mobile wood shredder is convenient and flexible to use and is very suitable for mobile processing in mountain areas and forest farms, so it is more practical. Therefore, this wood crusher is very suitable for users whose work sites are not fixed.

Application of mobile wood shredders in edible fungus processing

The cultivation of edible fungi requires wood chips as a medium, and wood chips are processed by a mobile wood grinder. Therefore, the mobile wood crusher machine is widely used in the processing of edible fungi. The finished wood chips crushed by the mobile wood shredder are very suitable for cultivating edible fungi. Because of the popularity of mobile wood shredders, more and more people are making money by cultivating edible fungi.

Precautions for using a mobile wood crusher

1. The chassis of the mobile wood shredder should be installed stably. When the line is normal, you should not rush to feed the material after starting up. First, check whether the wood shredder is operating normally, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the noise is too loud, whether the starting time is too long, etc. If an abnormality is found, stop the machine for inspection in time.

2. Before smashing the materials, the materials must be classified. The materials of the same material and the same size can be gathered together and then crushed together. This can improve the working efficiency of the mobile wood shredder and increase the output.

3. When the work is about to end, wait for all the materials in the mobile wood shredder to be discharged before turning off the power. If it is a sudden power failure, turn off the power immediately to avoid sudden power failure, which may cause danger.

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