Solutions to solve the failure of electric wood shredder

commercial sawdust making machine for sale
commercial sawdust making machine for sale

After being used for a period of time, mechanical products will malfunction due to improper operation of workers and their own wear and tear, and wood shredders are no exception. So what failures are encountered when using wood shredders? And how should I solve this?

Features of Shuliy electric wood shredders

There are many types and models of electric wood shredders produced by Shuliy Machinery. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to the output and other needs. Working principle of electric wood pulverizer: The material enters the machine’s pulverization chamber for pulverization. At this time, there will be continuous friction between the material and the material, and between the material and the hammer, so that the material is quickly crushed into debris.

wood crusher factory
wood crusher factory

What are the failures of wood crushing machine?

1. Reasons for the failure of the back injection of the feed port:
①The damper is adjusted improperly, the pipeline is blocked, or the screen hole is blocked.
② The air permeability of the dust collector bag is poor, or the length is not enough.
① Adjust the opening of the damper or remove the blockages in the pipes and screen holes. Makes the wood crusher discharge smoothly.
② Use a dust collector bag with better air permeability, the length should be greater than 1.5 meters.

2. Reasons for the failure of bearing heating:
①The bearing lacks lubricating oil.
②The bearing is damaged or bent.
③The rotor is unbalanced.
④The motor shaft and the wood shredder shaft are not on the same plane.
① Add or replace lubricant.
②Replace the bearing or main shaft of the wood shredder.
③ Perform a balance test on the rotor.
④Adjust the main shaft of the motor and the main shaft of the wood crusher so that the cut surfaces of the two main shafts are in the same plane.

applications of the wood crusher
applications of the wood crusher

3. The reason for the noise in the crushing cavity of the wood crusher:
①Parts in the wood shredder fall off, or the distance between the hammer and the screen surface is too short, causing the hammer to make a noise when it touches the screen surface.
②A foreign object has fallen into the crusher.
Stop the machine, open the cover, and check the distance between the hammer and the screen. If it is too close, adjust the distance. If there is any foreign object, remove the foreign object.

How to operate correctly when using a electric wood shredder?

1. After connecting the switch power supply, the wood shredder should check whether it rotates normally.

2. In the process of using the electric wood pulverizer, if you find that the bolt mouth is damaged, you should first disassemble it to prevent damage to the spindle nut. Do not change the driving force and speed at will in the application of wood shredder.

3. When installing blades, the installation position of each blade must be accurately positioned according to the specifications to maintain the same length.

4. If you find that the crushing particle size of the equipment is not ideal, you can remove the blade and use an electric wood crusher to grind and polish, which can maintain the sharpness of the blade.

5. When using a wood shredder, the material should be fed at a uniform speed to prevent the equipment from getting stuck. In addition, when feeding, prevent the raw materials from being brought into the metal materials such as stones, steel nails, etc. into the equipment to avoid damage to the blade.

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