How to use the orchard branch shredder at night?

The utilization rate of orchard branch shredders in landscaping management is quite high. This commercial branch crusher can not only quickly dispose of a large amount of garden waste, but also convert these forest wastes into green resources, saving time and effort, and saving wood resources. Orchard branch shredders are usually used during the day, but some customers choose to use it at night. So what should you pay attention to when using the wood chipper at night?

Features of commercial orchard branch shredder

The commercial orchard branch shredders in the Shuliy factory can be divided into two main types: large branch shredders and small branch shredders. Small branch crushers are mostly suitable for household use, the diameter of the branches that can be processed is small, and the yield is small. The large-scale branch shredder has a larger output and a larger range of branch diameters suitable for processing and is often suitable for forests and farms.

Why is it different for using branch shredder at day and night?

Orchard garden branch crusher is a common garden branch crushing equipment, and it is also a mobile garden branch crushing equipment. General users will choose to use the device during the day, but some users also need to do it at night due to some special circumstances.

The requirements for operating the orchard branch shredder at night are not the same as during the day. This is because there are too many unfavorable factors such as insufficient light at night, and improper operation is prone to occur. Therefore, users should be familiar with the operating rules and requirements of using the orchard garden shredder at night.

Methods for using orchard branch shredder at night

When the machine is shipped from the factory, the tail light installed on the left side of the feed inlet is white light, and the right side is installed with the control warning light red light and yellow light. Therefore, when using the orchard garden branch shredder at night, the taillights should be turned on in advance to increase lighting, and use it when there is sufficient light.

And when putting in materials, you can clearly see the usage of the inlet. Moreover, in order to facilitate the towing and moving of the orchard garden shredder at night, it is also necessary to turn on the warning light at the tail to help illuminate and understand the surrounding situation when moving, and to remind people around and far away to stay away from the equipment.

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