What to consider when choosing a commercial wood chipper?

commercial wood chippers in Shuliy factory
commercial wood chippers in Shuliy factory

Why choose a commercial wood chipper?

Wood is an indispensable raw material for the paper industry. Wood processing plants use wood chippers to process wood chips into a pulp and then make paper. Therefore, commercial wood chippers have become necessary equipment for the paper industry.

Wood chipping machine is also called wood slicer, which is one of the wood processing series equipment. It is widely used in the processing equipment of the preparation section in the production process of textile, papermaking, pulping, artificial board, and other industries.

What are the commonly used commercial wood chippers in the market?

high-quality wood chips
high-quality wood chips

For now, for the processing of wood chips, the commonly used processing equipment is mainly disc chippers and drum chippers. According to market usage, the disc wood chipper accounts for a large proportion. The disc wood chipper can be processed individually or with some conveying equipment or peeling equipment.

After the machine feeds the logs into the feed inlet, the materials are cut by a high-speed rotating cutter head. The cutter head is equipped with wear-resistant chrome-plated blades. During operation, the sharp blades cut the wood into pieces of uniform size.

What factors should be considered when buying a commercial wood chipper?

wood chippers with different models and specifications
wood chippers with different models and specifications

1. Customers should consider what they want to do when buying wood chippers. It is generally used to slice the material, but different materials require different wood chipper models. Therefore, the specific equipment model should be selected according to the material to be processed and the size of the material.

2. Customers should carefully select trusted wood processing machine manufacturers. Because different manufacturers have different sizes and specifications of their machines. The technical research and manufacturing of the machine will affect the quality of the wood chipper.

3. The price of wood chippers of well-known brands will be relatively higher than those of more general manufacturers, but the quality will also be guaranteed. It is recommended that friends in the wood processing industry consider several factors while purchasing equipment to make their investment more valuable.

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