Why use the tree branch crusher in orchards?

The tree branch crusher is a highly efficient garden resource processing equipment. This kind of industrial tree branch crusher machine is often used in the green belts of streets and communities, farms, gardens, orchards, etc. So, why do we use the tree branches crusher in the orchard?

Importance of recycling orchard branches

In many areas where there are fruit trees, many fruit growers prune the branches of the fruit that are left behind every year. Few of these fruit tree branches are specially collected and recycled. Because most people have not found their use value. Sometimes, the cut fruit tree branches will be burnt together, which will pollute the environment.

The commercial tree branch crusher machine manufactured by our factory can cut the miscellaneous branches in the orchard into pieces for recycling. This not only saves a lot of natural resources but also protects the environment.

Usage of the branch pieces made by tree branch crusher

  • The detritus processed by the tree branches crusher can be buried in the ground for fertilization or free decay to form a good organic fertilizer, which can improve the soil and potting soil.
  • Cover bare soil with branch pieces to prevent dust and purify the air. They can also be used as flower potting soil, fillers, and organic fertilizer additives.
  • The small particles of branch scraps can also be used as feed for freshwater fish or other herbivores.
  • The branch shreds processed by the tree branch shredder can also be used as the base material for the cultivation of various fungi, such as mushrooms and fungus.

How to use the tree branches crusher shredder machine?

  1. Check every part of the machine, such as whether the screws are tightened. And make sure the machine is placed in a stable position.
  2. Fill the machine with special diesel engine oil before use.
  3. Use manpower to pull the power pull plate of the shredder without load to sense whether the machine is running smoothly. If there is an abnormal sound, please check it in time to remove the obstacle.

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