How to preserve construction wood?

construction wood

As we know, construction lumber is a kind of high-quality wood that is processed into the timber with fixed specifications and dimensions. In furniture production, construction wood is usually used as the skeleton of many furniture, which plays a supporting role. At the same time, in life, construction timber is usually used in civil construction to play a role in seismic reinforcement, so we need them to have a good load-bearing capacity and there are certain criteria in the selection of timber.

In order to make the best possible use of some of the wood that has split, you can use a wood shaver to make them into shavings or crush the wood into sawdust, which can later be used for fuel. But all these have loss to the wood, and it is better to minimize the wood cracking. Shuliy machinery will give some suggestions for this problem.

We can buy some wood-specific moisture-proof dehumidification boxes and activated carbon and other drying items in the supermarket and put them into storage near the wood after buying, which is conducive to absorbing moisture. In order to save resources, you can use the moisture-proof dehumidification and moisture absorption box after a period of time, you can take out the substances in the box or package, and put some lime and another bulk desiccant to maintain the effectiveness of moisture absorption.

Wood is very sensitive to the dryness of the air, so the dryness of the surrounding environment must be considered during storage. It is recommended that the relative humidity be controlled at about 50% as much as possible. If the local climate is humid, you can stay away from doors and windows. If conditions permit, try to raise the bottom of the wood as much as possible, this is mainly to prevent the bottom from being damp and mildewed. We suggest keeping a gap of about 2CM at the part of the building wood against the wall to avoid corrosion and discoloration of the back of the wood against the wall for a long time.

During the rainy season, it is best not to open windows and doors for a long time. In addition, wood is easier to paste dust, so we need to regularly clean the dust on the surface of the wood. Experience has shown that often to the wood dust varnish, not only makes the wood square bright, while have a moisture-proof effect, two birds with one stone.

If the construction wood cube is well maintained, the number of times the construction wood cube is used will increase, thus saving the cost of the project. Therefore the storage method of construction wood cubes is still quite essential. The above is Zhengzhou Shuliy machinery to introduce to you the construction of wood storage methods, I hope it can help you.