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multifunctional wood crusher for sale

Why called multifunctional wood crusher?

This is a new type of wood crushing equipment. The main feature of this multifunctional wood crusher is that it has two (or three) inlets, so it is very suitable for crushing different materials, such as logs, branches, straw, rice husks, crop shells, etc.

Technical parameter of the multifunctional wood crushers

Feeding size(mm)500*280600*300800*3501000*4501300*4501500*450
Crushing chamber size(mm)500*500600*600800*7001000*8001300*8001500*800
Number of hammers(pcs)30/2040/3050/3066/4872/5490/72
Fan power(Kw)withoutwithout7.5111515
Capacity (Kg/h)500-800800-12001500-20002000-30003000-40004000-6000
variou types of wood crushers in Shuliy factory
variou types of wood crushers in Shuliy factory

The main structure of the multifunctional wood pulverizer

According to different customer needs, our multifunctional wood crusher is designed into many different specifications, such as diesel-driven wood pulverizer, mobile wood pulverizer, stationary wood pulverizer, electric pulverizer, small household wood pulverizer, and large wood shredders.

wood crusher with the diesel engine
wood crusher with the diesel engine

Although this multifunctional wood crusher has many styles, its main structure is roughly the same, mainly including the frame, the base, the log (branch) inlet, the straw (thin branch) inlet, the outlet, the fan, crushing room (knife disc, hammer, screen) etc.

commercial wood shredder with electric-driven and fan
commercial wood shredder with electric-driven and fan

multifunctional wood crusher VS general wood crusher

There is a clear difference between a general wood crusher and this multifunctional wood crusher. Their difference is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in the working principle.

In appearance, the general wood shredder has only one feed inlet, while the multi-function wood shredder has a compact structure and has two different feed inlets, which can apply a wider range of raw materials.

multifunctional wood shredder with the dust collector
multifunctional wood shredder with the dust collector

In terms of working principle, the crushing chamber of a general wood pulverizer generally only has a set of independent cutting devices, namely a cutter disc, hammers, and a screen. The multifunctional wood shredder has two sets of independent cutting devices under different inlets. Therefore, it has a higher working efficiency.

Advantages of the straw branches shredders

1. There are many models and styles of this machine, customers can choose according to actual needs. We can also customize the wood shredder according to customer needs, including the machine’s color, size, power mode, etc.

2. This commercial wood crusher machine has strong applicability and can be widely used in various waste wood recycling plants, straw treatment plants, paper mills, wood processing plants, etc. It has a high working efficiency and a large output. Its output is between 500kg/h and 6T/h.

working effect of the multifunctional wood crusher
working effect of the multifunctional wood crusher

3. The machine usually comes with a fan when it leaves the factory, which can quickly extract the processed wood chips out of the machine. In addition, the machine generally needs to be equipped with an automatic dust collector during work to avoid dust pollution in the workplace.

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