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In recent years, in order to protect the environment, many manufacturers have started to use new energy biomass pellet fuel to replace coal. As the main equipment for producing pellet fuel, sawdust pellet machine is now selling well in the market. Shuliy machinery provides high quality wood chip pellet mill for customers, welcome to consult us at any time.

Introduction of sawdust pellet machine

Wood chip pellet mill is divided into flat die wood chip pellet mill and ring die wood pellet mill. Their function is to press the crushed raw materials into pellets. The raw material of wood chip ring die pellet mill is usually corn straw, straw, wood bran, wood flour, wood chips and other agricultural waste, and the formed pellets can be used in fireplaces, boilers and biomass power plants.

Working video of sawdust pellet machine

Raw materials of sawdust pellet making machine

The raw materials of wood pellets are wide, including various crop stalks, peanut shells, weeds, wood chips, industrial waste wood, vegetable and fruit residues, etc. These raw materials are made into high-density, high-calorie pellet fuel after the process of crushing and molding.

Advantages of wood pellet machine

  • With lower energy consumption and a high degree of automation, the sawdust pellet machine can make the factory save more on labor costs. Two workers can manage a production line from production to packaging. The wood pellet mill can realize 24-hour all-day operation and greatly improve the production efficiency of compressed wood pellets.
  • The noise generated during the work of wood pellets is small, the dust is less, and there is no sewage and pollutants discharged to ensure the hygiene of the production workshop.
  • The sawdust pellet machine covers a small area and the motor has a longer operating life. The sawdust making machine adopts high-strength steel, the machine uses environmental protection coating on the outside. The transmission efficiency is efficient, the machine is not easy to wear, not easy to rust, the maintenance cost is small.
  • The sawdust pellet machine has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in rural and urban areas, while whether it is in agriculture or forestry. The waste residue produced in factory production can be transformed into biomass pellet fuel through the wood pellet mill.

Shuliy sawdust pellet machine display

There are sawdust pellet making machines in stock of different models, the following pictures show the good machine we prepare for our customers.

Wood pellet machine for sale parameters

The following four models are the best selling ones, customers can choose the fittable one according to their own demands.

Power (kw)15223037
Capacity (kg/h)100-200200-300300-400400-500

Advantages of final products of sawdust pellet machine

  • Wood pellets are dense, they have long burning times and other characteristics, and the calorific value of the pellets after carbonization is 1.5 times that of coal.
  • Research shows that the energy of wood pellet fuel is comparable to that of medium-quality coal, with long-lasting combustion fire, less black smoke and high chamber temperature. The use of pellet fuel can reduce the amount of coal used, thus effectively improving air pollution.
  • The compressed sawdust pellets are clean and sanitary. They can realize 0 emissions into the air, and the ashes after burning are grass ash, which is free from impurities and rich in organic matter potassium. Therefore the burnt wood pellets can also benefit to cropland.

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