500kg/h wood pellet mill and airflow dryer are exported to South Africa

There are many aliases for wood crusher, such as wood shredder, sawdust making machine, straw shredder, sawdust crusher, etc. It is the specially designed wood processing equipment that can crush wood, branches, and other raw materials to a certain degree of fineness particle. We recently exported a wood pellet mill with an output of 500kg/h and an airflow dryer to South Africa.

What is the output of the Shuliy wood pellet mills?

How big is the output of wood shredders? There is actually no definite answer to this question. This is because the model and type of wood pellet mill are different, and the output is also very different. For example, the output of a large wood shredder can be as high as 2 tons per hour, while the output of a mini wood shredder is only 150 kg/h per hour.

Therefore, the output of wood shredders is mainly determined according to customer needs. Our factory has manufactured a series of wood shredders with different levels of production capacity, which can almost meet the needs of all customers. We can also customize the machine according to the actual needs of customers.

What is the purpose of South African customers buying large wood crushers?

The South African customer has just established a medium-scale charcoal processing plant with an output of approximately 3 tons per day. The South African customer not only directly carbonizes branches and logs into raw charcoal but also processes biomass charcoal with a wood crusher and sawdust briquette machine.

The original wood shredder in the South African customer’s factory had very low work efficiency, with an output of only about 200kg/h, and frequent breakdowns and high maintenance costs. Therefore, the South African customer decided to buy a new wood pellet mill with larger output to replace the original wood pellet mill.

Due to the complete certification of our products, high efficiency, simple operation, and good working results, the customer was very satisfied with our machine and placed an order soon. Later, according to the customer’s production situation, we recommended a sawdust dryer to him to quickly dry the sawdust processed by the wood shredder. After learning about the function of the airflow dryer, the South African customer said that this equipment is useful for his charcoal processing plant, so he placed another order with us.

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