25 sets of wood pellet machines exported to Saudi Arabia

poultry feed pellet machine for shipping to saudi arabia
The wood pellet machine is the main equipment for making biomass sawdust pellets. Shuliy factory exported 25 different types of wood pellet machines to Saudi Arabia.

A commercial wood pellet machine is a piece of important equipment for processing all kinds of biomass pellets, like wood pellets, sawdust pellets. What’s more, it can also be used for making various animal feed, such as cattle and sheep feed, pig feed, chicken feed, and so on. Recently, the Shuliy factory exported 25 different types of wood pellet machines to Saudi Arabia. In addition to providing this customer with high-quality pellet machines, we also provided him with a large number of pellet machine accessories and molds.

commercial feed pellets making machine for sale
commercial wood pellets making machine for sale

Why choose to buy wood pellet machines?

The Saudi customer is a local small and medium-sized machinery supplier. However, the customer’s factory does not produce machines, but imports various types of machines in batches and sells them locally.

The Saudi customer said that his local biomass fuel pellet processing business has gradually emerged in recent years, and many customers have consulted him about equipment for processing wood pellets. Knowing that most of the wood pellet machine manufacturers are in China, the customer began to look for a reliable pellet machine supplier.

He saw the wood pellet machine displayed on our website and asked us about the price and the performance of the machine. This Saudi customer was very interested in our wood sawdust pellet machines. But considering that he is not only buying a pellet machine but also in bulk, he has high requirements for the quality of the machine.

He entrusted his Chinese friends to come to our factory to inspect the machines instead and expressed his satisfaction with the inspection results. In the end, the Saudi customer decided to order 25 wood pellet machines from our factory at one time, namely the SL-125 pellet machine with an output of 80kg/h and the SL-210 pellet machine with an output of 300kg/h.

Parameters of the wood pellet machine for Saudi Arabia

Wood pellet machine  
SL-125 wood pellet machine   
Model: SL-125
Power: 4 kw
Capacity: 80kg per hour
Package weight: 44+31 kg
Package size: 850*350*520mm
Wood pellet machine
SL-210 wood pellet machine    
Model: SL-210
Power:7.5 kw
Capacity: 300kg per hour
Package weight: 100+65 kg
Package size: 990*430*770mm
Grinding machine
grinding machine     
 Model: 9ZR-500
Power: 3kw
Capacity: 1000kg per hour
Power: 2.2kw
Material: 201 Stainless steel
Grinding discModel: 210
Pelletizing hole diameter: 3mm
Grinding discModel: 210
Pelletizing hole diameter: 7mm
Grinding discModel: 125
Pelletizing hole diameter: 5mm

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