Selection principles of high-quality sawdust drying machine

sawdust drying machine from Shuliy
sawdust drying machine from Shuliy

The sawdust drying machine can continuously add the granular wet sawdust to its drying tube by a screw conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of high-speed hot airflow, the moisture in the wet material is quickly evaporated to obtain a powdered or granular dry product.

What are the different types of sawdust dryers?

Sawdust, rice husk, medicinal residue, and other materials do not have too much water content and are not easily adhered to the cylinder wall of the dryer, so you can choose the air-flow drying machine and drum dryer with a preferential price and high production efficiency for drying such materials.


Different types of sawdust dryers in the market have their own characteristics, but according to actual production experience, the best drying effect is the drum sawdust dryer, which has a favorable price and low drying cost.

How should customers choose high-quality sawdust drying machines?

1. To choose a sawdust dryer, you must first choose a reliable manufacturer. Because the manufacturer can not only provide high-quality airflow sawdust drying machine but also provide corresponding accessories and auxiliary equipment.

Customers should not choose a less qualified manufacturer to purchase dryers and accessories in order to save money, because although you will feel cheap in price, it will take a long time and cost to maintain the equipment, which will greatly reduce the sawdust dryer Production efficiency.

airflow dryer in plants
airflow dryer in plants

2. Selection of wearing parts. If conditions permit, the user should equip the manufacturer with a set of wearing parts when purchasing the sawdust dryer. Because the original manufacturer’s accessories will have the best match with the equipment you bought in terms of material, size, quality and quality.

Although you may be able to buy the same parts in other places, the wearing parts are not original parts after all. They must not be as good as the original parts in terms of efficiency. The failure rate is too high, which will cause great inconvenience in the production process.

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