What problems do you encounter when using the sawdust grinder?

small wood powder processing plant
small wood powder processing plant

The sawdust pulverizer is very practical in agricultural and forestry production. It can process most of the biomass materials into fine particles and then sell them to wood processing plants. Although the installation and use of the sawdust pulverizer are simple, in daily use it will still cause many problems due to improper use by the operator.

What are the common problems of using sawdust grinder?

1. Severe vibration occurs when the sawdust grinder is working. If there is no such situation when the machine is first used, the vibration gradually becomes more severe, resulting in a serious loss of balance. This is often caused by the uneven wear of the hammer, which directly causes the rotor to lose balance.

Solution: The heavy-wearing hammers or counterweight should be replaced in time to solve the problem of unbalanced rotation. If it is not a hammer problem, the screw is not too tight during long-term use. The user should check the fixing bolts of the base and tighten the nuts.

various wood powder specifications
various wood powder specifications

2. When the sawdust crusher grinder is used, the motor generates heat, the fuse blows, and the motor emits smoke. The main reasons and elimination methods: First, too much feed, resulting in clogging of the crushing chamber, causing an overload of the motor.

At this time, the feeding should be stopped, and then wait for the normal state to resume feeding. Second, the screen holes are clogged, and the materials in the crushing chamber cannot be discharged. At this time, the machine should be shut down and powered off, and the cabinet should be opened to clean the screen and then put it into work.

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