How to grow shiitake mushrooms with wood sawdust?

sawdust and mushroom making
sawdust and mushroom making

Sawdust as a hotbed for fungus growth is an essential medium for growing mushrooms and other fungi. The high-quality wood sawdust processed by the sawdust making machine can grow high-quality shiitake mushrooms. Here, our wood shredder manufacturer will give you an analysis of the relevant knowledge about wood sawdust in mushroom cultivation.

Sawdust medium recipe for cultivating mushrooms

Sawdust 78%, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, gypsum powder 1%, sugar 1% and mix well. The water content is 60% ~ 62%. Bottle these materials, seal the bottle tightly with cotton and sterilize, inoculate the original mushroom after cooling.

high-quality sawdust made by the sawdust making machine
high-quality sawdust made by the sawdust making machine

A bottle of the original seed should be inoculated with 30 bottles, from the middle of late July to the beginning of August. After 3 days of inoculation, white hyphae can be seen in the bottle, and it takes 45 to 60 days to reach the bottom of the bottle; after 90 days, the hypha will age.

The temperature of the bacterial culture room should be maintained at 17 ~ 25 ℃, and the highest temperature should not exceed 28 ℃. When pressing the mycelium into pieces, use an active wooden frame of 0.11 square meters and a side height of 5 cm, dig out 10 ~ 12 bottles of mycelium from the bottle and spread them in the frame, flatten and press tightly. The bottom of the frame is covered with film. After the block is placed, the film is also covered on the top and sealed on all four sides.

commercial sawdust making machine for sale
commercial sawdust making machine for sale

What are the sawdust that can be used to process shiitake mushrooms?

The culture materials for the production of shiitake mushrooms are mainly broad-leaved forest sawdust 78%, wheat bran 20%, gypsum, and brown sugar 1% each. Among the wood sawdust made by the sawdust making machine, hardwood sawdust such as linden wood and birch should account for 60% -70%. In this way, there is sufficient nutrition in the culture material, which is beneficial to mushrooms’ growth.

Poplar, willow and other soft wood chips can account for 30% -40%, the purpose is to facilitate the growth of mycelium and reduce pollution. Wheat bran must be fresh and mildew-free. Large flakes of wheat bran are suitable.

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