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Industrial hammer mill crusher are usually used in forest, farms and wood recycling plants to crush all kinds of waste wood, wood scraps, branches, logs, etc.
hammer mill crusher

Industrial hammer mills are usually used in forest farms and wood recycling plants to crush all kinds of waste wood, wood scraps, branches, logs, etc. This commercial hammer mill crusher series can mainly process wood chips and sawdust with a fineness of 5mm or more. Due to different driving methods, it can be divided into electric hammer mills and diesel hammer mills.

The processing capacity of this large wood crusher is more than one ton per hour. With the use of automatic conveying equipment, the output of the hammer-type wood crusher machines can reach approximately 4t/h to 6t/h. Generally, the wood chips or sawdust processed by these log crushers can be used for papermaking, the nutrient base for fungi, and wood pellets.

working video of hammer wood crusher

Raw materials for processing with hammer mill crusher

The materials used for wood recycling are usually various biomass raw materials. The hammer crusher can quickly crush all kinds of wood scraps into fine flakes.

In addition, the industrial wood shredder can also be directly used to smash wood scraps, logs, branches, coconut shells, corn cobs, and other materials.

It should be noted that the smaller the feed size of the hammer crusher, the greater the output and the higher the production efficiency.

Final products of the hammer wood crusher

The finished product of the hammer wood mill is mainly sawdust. According to different customer needs, sawdusts of different fineness can be processed. The fineness of common sawdust is generally between 2mm-3cm.

final products of wood hammer shredder
final products of wood hammer shredder

Key advantages of wood hammer crusher

  1. Efficient Wood Crushing: The primary advantage of a wood hammer crusher is its ability to efficiently crush wood into smaller particles or sawdust. This process is crucial for various applications, including the production of wood pellets, particleboard, and biomass energy.
  2. Versatility in Material Handling: Wood hammer crushers are versatile and can handle a variety of wood materials, including logs, branches, pallets, and other wood waste. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of wood processing applications.
  3. Reduced Wood Waste: By effectively breaking down wood into smaller and uniform pieces, the hammer crusher helps reduce wood waste. This is particularly important for industries looking to maximize the utilization of wood resources and minimize environmental impact.
  4. High Production Capacity: Wood hammer crushers are designed for high production capacities, making them suitable for industrial-scale wood processing operations. Their robust construction and powerful mechanisms enable them to handle large volumes of wood efficiently.
  5. Adjustable Output Size: Wood hammer crushers come with adjustable screens, allowing users to control the size of the output particles. This adaptability makes it possible to produce different sizes of wood chips or sawdust for various applications.
hammer wood crusher with dust collector
hammer wood crusher with a good price

Structure of the industrial hammer mills for wood crushing

Industrial hammer wood mills are very different from conventional small wood mills, such as appearance, manufacturing material, structure, working principle, configuration, processing efficiency, etc.

The main parts of hammer wood crushers include shell, motor (or diesel engine), fan (optional) pulley, bearing, hammer (namely blade), inner lining board, frame (optional), etc.

Power system of hammer wood crusher

The power system of the hammer wood shredder usually adopts an electric drive or a diesel engine drive.

Among them, the motors equipped with the hammer wood shredder are all pure copper motors, which meet international quality standards and can ensure safe use.

The diesel-driven wood shredder is suitable for fieldwork, has sufficient power, is convenient to move, and has a very low failure rate.

Spare parts of wood hammer crusher

The spare parts of the wood crushing equipment mainly include crushing hammers, lining boards, screens, etc.

Inner liners

The inner liner is located inside the rear wall of the crushing chamber of the machine, which can protect the machine body from abrasion.

It is mainly made of cast steel with a thickness of 18-20mm, which is strong and wear-resistant.

Crushing hammers

The number of hammers in the hammer mill varies with different machine models. The thickness of the hammer is about 8mm.

The number of hammers for conventional hammer mills is 72, and the number of hammers for large hammer crushers is up to 90.

The crushing hammer is an important part of the wood crusher. It can break wood chips into sawdust during high-speed operation.

cutting blades of hammer crusher
cutting blades of hammer mill

Sieving screens

The screen of the wood shredder is mainly used to screen the sawdust crushed by the hammer. It can keep wood chips larger than the diameter of the screen hole in the crushing bin to continue crushing.

The thickness of the screen is about 6mm. Its screen hole diameter can be customized according to different customer needs.

screening mesh of the wood crushers
screening mesh of the wood crushers

How does the hammer wood crusher work?

The hammer mill uses the continuous impact and friction of the hammer to crush materials. It drives the turntable and the hammer to move in the same direction through the motor linkage device.

During the rotation, the material enters through the feed port, and the material is quickly processed into sawdust under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer.

Wood scraps, wood fragments, straws, and other materials can all be crushed by the crushing equipment. The material can directly enter the cavity of the main machine of the equipment, and the material can be crushed and processed into powder through the hammering action.

Complete sawdust processing plant design

When processing high-quality wood chips on a large scale, only a hammer mill cannot work independently. Usually, many wood processing plants use automatic conveying equipment and dust removal equipment when using hammer mills.

Therefore, our factory has also designed various sawdust processing plants according to different customer needs. The output of the sawdust production line is generally between 500kg/h and 5t/h. We can customize a specific production plan according to the customer’s worksite and budget.

Customer case of the industrial hammer wood crusher

This large wood shredder is very suitable for large and medium-sized wood processing factories, such as furniture factories, forest farms, power plants, etc.

We have exported the hammer mill crusher many times to foreign countries, such as Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Nigeria, South Africa, Somalia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

hammer mill crusher for shipping to South Africa
hammer mill crusher exported to South Africa

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