Wood pallet press machine | Compressed sawdust pallet machine

Wood pallet press machine
A wood pallet press machine is a machine and equipment specifically designed for manufacturing wood pallets. It can process log material into wooden pallets of the desired size and shape for storing and transporting goods.

A wood pallet press machine is a machine and equipment specifically designed for manufacturing wood pallets. It can process log material into wooden pallets of the desired size and shape for storing and transporting goods.

Shuliy Group has exported our wood pallet press machine to many countries, including Malaysia, Nigeria, the Phillippines, and so on. The compress sawdust pallet manufacturing machine produced wood pallets for our customers with great quality.

wood pellet press machine working video

Raw materials of hydraulic pallet press machine

Wood waste products like sawdust, shavings, and chips make up the majority of the raw materials used in the wood pallet press machine. High pressure and temperature are used to compress and mold these materials to create a sturdy pallet.

Other biomass resources, such as palm fiber, straw, or bamboo, may also be used as input materials for a wood pallet press machine.

If you are not sure the raw materials you have whether fit for pallet making, welcome to consult us and leave your requirements on our website form, our professional manager will be happy to provide you with professional advice.

Advantages of the final compressed sawdust pallets

Compressed sawdust pallets have several advantages compared to traditional wooden pallets or plastic pallets.

  • Lightweight: Compressed sawdust pallets are much lighter than traditional wooden pallets, which makes them easier to handle and transport. This can also help to reduce shipping costs.
  • Consistent size and weight: The hydraulic press used to create compressed sawdust pallets ensures that each pallet is the same size and weight. They can be conveniently stacked and transported, making them perfect for automated systems.
  • High strength and durability: Compressed sawdust pallets are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting since they are made of firmly compressed sawdust and various types of wood. They can support large weights and are less likely to splinter or shatter.
  • Cheaper cost: They are made from waste sawdust and shavings from sawmills and woodworking factories, which are low-cost or even free raw materials. This reduces the overall cost of production.
wood pallet machine with a good price
wood pallet machine with a good price

Working principle of wood pallet press machine

The wood pallet forming equipment needs to be warmed before compressing the wood chips. The wood pallet machine’s heat source can be the steam produced by the boiler. Additionally, the mold of the wood pallet manufacturing machine can be heated using the heat-conducting oil furnace.

We evenly distributed the wood chips into the mold of the pallet-making machine after preheating. Once the machine is running, the upper mold will gradually lower and press the wood chips. A wood pallet can be made in about seven minutes.

wood pallet press machine
press wood pallet machine

Parameters of compressed sawdust pallet machine

CapacityProduce one pallet need 4-5 minutes (can control by yourself )
parameters of wood pallet machine

These are the essential parameters of the sawdust pallet manufacturing machine, if interested, welcome to consult us and fill out the form on our website. Our professional sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

wood pallet machine for sale
wood pallet machine for sale

Wood pallet press machine features and advantages

The compressed wood pallet press machine is a powerful and efficient machine designed for producing high-quality molded wood pallets. Some of its key features include:

  • High pressure: The hydraulic wood pallet machine is equipped with advanced technology that can apply pressure up to 1000 tons, ensuring that palm fiber is compressed into durable and sturdy materials suitable for pallet production.
  • Customizable pallet size: The machine can produce pallets of various sizes based on customer requirements.
  • Energy-saving: The compressed wood pallet press machine is energy-efficient, which helps reduce the consumption of electricity and other resources.
  • High production capacity: The machine can produce a large number of pallets in a short amount of time, making it an ideal choice for large-scale production.
  • Easy to operate: The wood pallet press machine is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to operate and maintain.
compressed sawdust pallets
compressed sawdust pallets in stock

Applications of wood pallets

Wooden pallets are highly regarded for their versatility and utility in the realm of transportation and logistics. In the domain of goods transportation, wooden pallets serve as robust foundations, effectively organizing and safeguarding a diverse range of products. Their smooth surfaces and sturdy structures enable secure stacking of goods, maximizing the utilization of transportation space.

In the logistics process, wooden pallets simplify loading, unloading, and handling operations by providing a standardized packaging unit for goods. This ease of handling allows forklifts, pallet trucks, and similar equipment to efficiently manage and transport goods on pallets, thereby enhancing overall logistics efficiency.

Additionally, wooden pallets are adaptable to various modes of transportation, including road, sea, and air freight, ensuring smooth and secure passage of goods throughout the supply chain.

application of wood pallet machine
application of wood pallet machine

Compressed sawdust pallet production line

The main machines of a wood pallet production line typically include a wood crusher machine, a sawdust dryer machine, a glue mixer, and a sawdust pallet press machine. These machines work together to process the raw materials into compressed sawdust pallets.

The wood crusher is used to crush the raw materials into small pieces, the dryer is used to dry the sawdust to a suitable moisture content, the glue mixer is used to mix the adhesive with the sawdust, the pallet press machine is used to compress the sawdust into the desired pallet shape.

Welcome to come to wood pallet press machine manufacturing plant in China

One successful case is about our Malaysian customer who visited our wood pallet machine manufacturing plant in China. Our sales manager, Crystal, welcomed them warmly and gave them a detailed demonstration of how the machine works. The final pallets produced by the machine were of high quality and durability, which impressed our customers.

After the demonstration, our customers expressed their satisfaction with the wood pallet machine and decided to make an order quickly. Our team also provided them with professional technical support and efficient after-sales service, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

Invest in our wood pallet machine

Opting for our Wood Pallet Press Machine means gaining access to an advanced production tool designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Beyond its pivotal role in manufacturing and logistics, our machine contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling wood resources, contributing to a commitment to sustainable development.

Take the first step towards success by choosing our Wood Pallet Press Machine and infusing new vitality into your production line. Feel free to reach out for a quote and detailed information.

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