Does the machine to make wood shavings consume a lot of electricity?

large wood shavings machine
large wood shavings machine

Most of the wood shaving machines on the market are driven by electric motors. This kind of electric wood shaving machine is widely used. But what about the power consumption of using this shaving equipment? Will there be a lot of power consumption?

In fact, the power consumption of wood shaving equipment is determined by the machine’s motor power and working time. The greater the power of the motor, the greater its power consumption. The longer the working time of the wood shaving machine, the greater the power consumption.

Therefore, users must choose the appropriate shaving machine model according to their actual production needs when purchasing an electric wood shaving machine. We generally recommend the most suitable wood shaving machine for customers according to their needs, to ensure that the machine can meet the customer’s processing requirements without increasing the customer’s investment cost.

high quality wood shavings
high quality wood shavings

Usually, when used for household or small-volume production of wood shavings, we generally recommend the model SL-600 to customers. Its power is only 15kw, the power consumption is small, and the output can reach 500kg/h. When used for large-scale production of wood shavings, we generally recommend suitable machines to make wood shavings based on the basic situation of the customer.

For example, if the customer’s local electricity consumption is good and the electricity price is not very expensive, we will recommend a wood shaving machine with power between 55kw-75kw and an output of about 2t/h. However, if the customer’s local electricity consumption is not good or the electricity price is more expensive, we will recommend diesel-driven wood shaving machines to customers to reduce the customer’s production costs.

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