SL-250 log debarker machine shipped to Turkey in 2022

Shuliy Group shipped a log debarker machine successfully last week. The customer in Turkey was very satisfied with this cooperation with us. We will introduce this successful case to you. If you have the same requirements, please feel free to contact us.

How did customer find Shuliy log debarker machine

This customer from Turkey is ready to start a wood pellet business. The wood pellet machine is ready, now he also needs a wood peeling machine. He was browsing the website and found Shuily Group, he found that we are a professional manufacturer of wood processing equipment, so he took the initiative to add the contact information on the website. He wanted to know more details about the wood peeling machine for sale and the wood peeling machine price.

SL-250 log debarker shipped to Turkey

Our sales manager received the customer warmly and sent him many pictures and working videos of the log debarker machine, as well as cases of customers from other countries who had purchased the machine. Since the customer had not imported the machine before, he asked the business manager about the import process.

For the diameter of customer’s raw materials is 10-20 kilometers, our sales manager recommended the smallest model of the wood peeler machine. The customer in Turkey felt our professionalism and patience during the communication with us, he was satisfied and placed the order soon.

Now the log debarker machine has been packaged already and shipped to Turkey. We will instruct our customer to install the machine after he receives it.

log debarker

Details of log debarking machine sent to Turkey

Machine model SL-250
Power7.5 kw+2.2 kw
Suitable log diameter 5-25 cm
Packing size2250*1220*1600 mm
Weight 1400 kg
Voltage380V,50HZ, 3 phase