Log Debarker Machine Shipped to America for 300mm Diameter Logs

log debarker machine for shipping to America
The log debarker machine can quickly peel off the log skin, and the peeling rate can reach 98%. Shuliy factory shipped a log debarker to Amercia.

The processing of wooden furniture and the production of various high-quality boards require the use of peeled logs or hardwood as raw materials. The industrial log debarker machine is efficient equipment for removing bark, with a stripping rate of up to 98%. Shuliy factory has various wood peeling equipment, such as small log debarker machine, large continuous wood peeling machine, and so on. Recently, Shuliy once again exported to America a wood debarker that processes logs with a diameter of about 300mm.

Shuliy wood debarking machine for sale
Shuliy wood debarking machine for sale

Why is the peeling effect of log debarker machine so good?

The reason why the commercial log debarking machine has a better barking effect on trees is that the machine has a very sophisticated design. The skin peeling device of this log debarking machine is a cylindrical structure, with an automatic clamping device and multiple sets of blades on the top.

When peeling the logs, the peeling device of the machine can keep the logs stable and not shaking. The blade on the peeling device rotates at a high speed, which can quickly peel off the log skin.

The thickness of the blade on the wood peeling machine is about 4mm, which is very wear-resistant and has a long service life. And when the blade is worn out, its replacement method is also very simple.

log debarking machine wooden package
log debarking machine wooden package

Details of the America log debarker machine order

The American customer has a small wood processing plant, which mainly processes various wood products. The original wood peeling machine in the American customer’s factory has been in use for nearly 2 years. Now it often breaks down and the maintenance cost is very high. Therefore, the customer decided to purchase a new log debarker machine.

We mainly consulted the customer about the maximum diameter of logs to be processed in his factory, and then according to his transportation, we promoted him a wood peeling machine model SL-320. This type of log peeling machine can handle logs with a diameter of 100-300mm.

3-phase motor for the log debarker machine
3-phase motor for the log debarker machine

Parameters of log debarking machine for shipping to America

Voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase

Power: 7.5+2.2KW

Maximum diameter: 300mm

Number of peeling blades: 8 pcs

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