One Wood debarking machine shipped to Ukraine

wood debarking machine

Congratulations! Our company sold one wood debarking machine to Ukrain these days, our customer read our wensite and wanted one wood peeling machine for his own wood processing plant. After our sales manager Crystal‘ recommendation, the Ukrainian clients chose the model SL- 250, its capacity is10 meters per minute. Now the wood debarking machine has deliveried to Ukrain.

Why did the customer choose our wood debarking machine?

The customer in Ukraine has his own wood processing plant and needs a wood debarker to remove the bark. Our sales manager Crystal confirmed the wood size and type of the customer, most of the logs are 100mm to 300mm in diameter, so crystal recommended him the model SL250 machine, which can handle wood with a diameter of 50-320mm. Because the sales manager has a deep understanding of the wood debarking machine and responds to customers’ questions in a timely and effective manner, he has won the trust of customers. The price of our wood peeling machine is lower than the market price, and the quality of the machine is excellent, so customers will choose to cooperate with us.

Advantages of log debarking machine

  1. The wood peeling machine can be equipped with an automatic production line according to material requirements. If the customer needs, we can be equipped with conveyors for heavier wood and longer wood. If the feeding port and the discharging port of the wood peeling machine are equipped with conveyor belts, it can realize automatic feeding and save labor costs.
  2. The log debarker can handle a variety of raw materials, and can debark logs with a diameter of 50 to 350 mm, and the debarking rate can reach more than 90%. Wood without bark can be used for many purposes such as making wooden handicrafts, wood carving, paper making, etc.
  3. The power mode of the peeling machine has two forms: motor and diesel engine. The diesel engine model can be designed with wheels, so it is easy to move and suitable for working in the mountains and forests. We use high-quality motor for motor type peeling machine, which has low noise and long service life.

Details of wood debarking machine

The following table shows the parameters of the wood peeling machine bought by the Ukrainian customer.

ModelPowerCapacitySuitable wood diameterMachine sizeMachine weightBlades qty
SL- 2507.5+2.2kw10 meters per minute50mm-320mm2450*1400*1700mm 1800kg2 sets

Load and delivery of wood debarker machine

The delivery time of the wood peeling machine is 20 to 25 days, in order to make our customer ensure the debarker’s situation, our sales manager Crystal took some videos and pictures and sent to our customer in Ukrain before delivery. The warranty of the wood debarker is 12 months, if our customer has any problems on machine installation or operation, our company can arrange our engineers to your conutry and help you.