Precautions when using wood shaving machines in Australia

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When using the wood shaving machines in Australia, we should pay attention to the correct operation and understand the common precautions.

Industrial wood shaving machine is a new type of woodworking machinery, mainly used for mass production of thin shavings with uniform thickness. When using the wood shaving machines in Australia, we should pay attention to the correct operation and understand the common precautions in order to better play its performance.

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wood shavings for pets bedding

Precautions for the use of wood shaving machine

  1. Sharpen the blade in time. The blade is not sharp easily affects the production efficiency of wood shavings, so when the blade is not sharp, it should be sharpened in time. Whetstone can be used to sharpen the blade when the blade wear is small, and the flat grinding wheel can be used for grinding when the wear is large. The blade angle should be less than 37°, and coolant should be added when grinding with a grinder to prevent the blade from annealing.
  2. Pay attention to the installation and adjustment of the blade of the wood shaving machine. Adjust the height of the blade so that the edge of the flat blade is exposed outside the cutter head. After the vertical height is adjusted, the press-knife bolt should be tightened to prevent the blade from shaking and damage the machine, and the gap between the fixed knife and the movable knife should be adjusted between 1-2mm.
  3. Because the wood shaving machine vibrates greatly during use, please pay attention to whether the parts of the machine are loose before starting up. If there is any looseness, deal with it quickly.
  4. The wood shaving machine cannot be fed immediately after the machine is turned on, let alone start with the material, and the wood should be put in after the machine is running normally. Also, in the process of feeding, pay attention to keep your hands slightly away from the feeding port, and do not put your hands in the feeding port, otherwise your hands are easily injured. If you find a special noise during the use of the machine, you should stop using the machine immediately and find out and solve the problem before you can continue to use it, otherwise it will easily cause the machine to wear out.
  5. In the process of feeding, the staff should pay special attention. They should not stand in the middle of the feeding port, but should be on the side, otherwise they will be easily injured by the spilled wood.
  6. In the process of feeding the wood shaving machine in Australia, you should be careful not to let hard objects into the machine, such as stones, bricks, metal objects, etc., otherwise it will easily cause damage to the machine parts.
  7. Because the vibration of the wood shaving machine is relatively large during use, the machine should be fixed before use. We can install the shaving machine horizontally on the concrete base, or install it on the sleepers and fix it with wooden stakes.
wood shaving machine manufacturer
wood shaving machine manufacturer