Turkmenistan customer ordered an electric wood shaving machine

electric wood shaving machine for shipping to Turkmenistan
The Turkmenistan client purchased an electric wood shaving machine with an output of 500kg/h to produce high-quality wood shavings.

Wood shaving machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in agriculture and forestry. It can cut wood materials with a humidity of less than 40% into wood shavings with uniform thickness. The electric wood shaving machine and diesel-driven wood shaving machine produced by our factory have been praised by customers at home and abroad because of its low failure rate, high production efficiency, and long service life.

The usage of electric wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machines are mainly used for mass production of thin shavings with uniform thickness. The wood enters the machine from the feed port of the wood shaving machine and is sliced ​​by the blade inside the machine to produce shavings. The size and thickness of the processed shavings are uniforms, and they are not much different from the shavings made by wood factory workers.

wood shavers are in stock
wood shavers are in stock

Wood shaving machines are often used in various farms, animal farms, forestry, wood processing plants, etc. They use electric wood shavings to process all kinds of wood, branches, etc. into wood shavings, and then sell the wood shavings to the transportation industry, or use the processed wood shavings for the bedding of animal farms.

The reason why Turkmenistan customers choose our wood shaving machine

This Turkmenistan client has a large forest farm. After a batch of trees is harvested every year, his forest farm will have many branches and trunks to be processed. Therefore, he plans to purchase wood shredding equipment to recycle these waste branches.

But the customer did not know what to do after shredding the branches. So he collected a lot of information and found that sawdust has many uses, such as making paper, processing wood boards and wooden boxes, and even making charcoal. And he also learned that the branches can be processed into different products with different equipment, such as sawdust, wood chips, and wood shavings.

In order to achieve profitability, the client decided to purchase an electric wood shaving machine with an output of 500kg/h to produce high-quality wood shavings, and then sell these wood shavings to nearby farms and logistics transportation companies.

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