Introduction of wood pallet recycling

Wooden pallets are widely used, their raw material is natural wood or compressed wood chips, due to the non-standard and reasonable use of wooden pallets caused by the damage of abandonment grows year by year, wooden pallets are widely used, the number is large, so a large number of old pallets how to recycle is a matter of concern. The following Shuliy Machinery introduces wood pallet recycling.

The necessity of wood pallet recycling

The life of the original wooden pallet is short, usually 200-300 times. Scrap wooden pallets are easy to return to moisture, mold, insects, this situation wooden pallets are difficult to clean up and poor stability. In addition, the surface of the used wooden pallets will have wood chips off and screws will rust, so the pallets can not be in use. If a large number of wooden pallets are thrown away directly, it will take up a lot of land and cause a waste of resources. The best way of wood pallet recycling is to use a professional wood pallet shredder to crush the wooden pallets, the metal nails on the pallets will also be removed, and the wooden pallets will be crushed into about 2 cm pieces of wood.

How to recycle waste wood pallets?

Wooden pallet crusher can process a wide range of raw materials, so it is also called comprehensive broken, can process wood such as all kinds of wooden slats, logs, wooden pallets, etc., and all kinds of non-wooden raw materials such as straw, reeds, etc.. The machine uses a chain plate to feed the material, which can make the feeding smoother, save manpower and substantially increase the production capacity, and is suitable for wood pallet recycling manufacturers.

uses of wood pallets after recycling

After recycling the wooden pallets, you can use the wooden pallet shredder to crush them, and the wood chips you get can be manufactured into fiberboard, particle board, etc., or you can make artificial panels and make furniture. That will not only save resources but also protect the ecological environment.

As pallet recycling has become a highly profitable part of the pallet industry, it has attracted many new pallet manufacturers to join the pallet recycling business. This not only lengthens the manufacturers’ industry chain and improves economic efficiency, but also the recovery and recycling of wooden pallets can become a classic business model for sustainable renewable energy.