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The industrial wood pallet shredder is the large-scale wood wastes crushing equipment for recycling logs, tree branches, wood pallets with nails, etc.
industrial wood shredder for sale

The industrial wood pallet shredder is a large-scale waste wood processing and crushing equipment. It is usually called the comprehensive crushers. This wood pallet shredder machine can smash all kinds of wooden raw materials, such as logs, tree branches, building templates with nails, wooden pallets, waste wooden furniture, waste wooden doors and windows, etc.

This industrial wood pallets shredder has two drive modes, electricity-driven, and diesel-driven. The processing efficiency of this comprehensive crusher is very high, and the processing capacity per hour is between 2t and 30t. It is often used in various recycling stations, wood processing plants, and power plants.

comprehensive wood crusher working video

Applications of wood pallet shredder machine

This large-scale comprehensive crusher is widely used, and almost all wooden raw materials can be quickly crushed with it.

The wood pallet shredder usually processes various types of trees, such as small-diameter wood, hardwood, pine, wood cutting residues (such as branches and roots), and wood processing residues (such as board bark, slats, log core, waste Single board, etc.).

This industrial crusher can also crush all kinds of straws, such as hemp stalks, reeds, bamboo, corn stalks, cotton stalks, etc.

Due to the high production efficiency, the comprehensive crusher is currently more used in the field of waste wood recycling, such as crushing waste wooden pallets, waste wooden boxes, waste building templates, waste wooden furniture, wood with nails, etc.

applications of wood pallet shredder machine
applications of wood pallet shredder machine

Structure of the comprehensive wood crusher

The comprehensive crusher is a new generation of continuous crushing equipment developed by the Shuliy factory according to international and domestic market needs. The machine has a compact structure and an effortless operation.

The comprehensive crusher is mainly composed of a working platform, feeding device, pressure roller, crushing device, conveyor, and other main parts.

structure of the comprehensive crusher shredder
details of the comprehensive crusher shredder
  • Feeding and conveying: Place the board wood to be crushed.
  • Feeding pressure roller: Control the machine’s feeding speed, keep the sheet from slipping, and avoid the situation that the machine does not feed. The feed pressure roller adopts a UCK series bearing and spring compression mechanism, which can be adapted to waste plates of different thicknesses.
  • Spiral crushing roller: There are multiple sets of welding cutters distributed along the circumference of the crushing roller, which can ensure that the crushing roller receives the same force when it moves in the circumferential direction.
  • The template crusher has the advantage of simultaneous feeding and crushing, which can achieve uniform crushing of raw materials.
  • The feed roller and the crushing roller of the wooden pallet crusher adopt different power systems, which are easy to control.
industrial wood pallet shredders for sale
industrial wood pallet shredders for sale

Parameters of the industrial wood pallet shredders

Feeding inlet size1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*800mm
Feeding maximum diameter400mm500mm600mm
Output sizeLess than 100mmLess than 100mmLess than 100mm
Input conveyor6m6m6m
Output conveyor8m10m10m
Capacity8-10 t /h10-15t/h20-30t/h
Total power156.5 kw213.5 kw233.5kw
Overall size8600*2000*2300mm9600*2400*3300mm12500*2800*3200mm
wood pallet shredder parameter list

Note: This parameter table is the parameter of a common electric wooden pallet crusher. Our factory can also provide integrated crushers driven by diesel engines and can customize suitable crushers for customers according to customer needs.

Working principle of comprehensive crusher

The wooden pallet comprehensive crusher equipment usually uses a grab machine to replace manual feeding. The crusher can pulverize various waste templates, straws, branches, etc. into biomass fuel for power plants.

The feed port of the comprehensive crusher can usually be connected to an automatic conveyor. The feeder can be used for feeding (saving labor), it can also be operated by remote control according to requirements, or with an automatic feed start and stop function.

When the load of the main motor is too large, the feeding of the machine can automatically start and stop, which can greatly save labor and ensure the safety of the production process.

working process of waste pallet crusher

Key advantages of comprehensive wood pallet shredder

  1. Efficient Wood Waste Reduction: The primary purpose of a wood pallet shredder is to efficiently reduce large wood materials, such as pallets, into smaller, manageable pieces. This process aids in waste volume reduction, making it easier to handle and transport.
  2. Versatility in Material Handling: Comprehensive wood pallet shredders are designed to handle a variety of materials, including different types of wood, pallets, furniture, doors, windows, and even construction templates with embedded nails. This versatility allows for a wide range of wood waste to be processed effectively.
  3. High Processing Capacity: These shredders are engineered for high processing capacities, enabling the quick and efficient disposal of large volumes of wood waste. This is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where substantial amounts of wood materials are generated.
  4. Uniform Output Size: The shredding process results in a uniform output size, often in the form of wood chips or particles. This consistency in size is advantageous for subsequent processing or recycling applications.
  5. Automatic Nail Separation: Comprehensive wood pallet shredders come equipped with advanced features such as magnetic systems that automatically separate and remove metal components, including nails, from the shredded wood. This enhances the safety of downstream processes and ensures a cleaner end product.
large scale comprehensive wood pallet shredder
large scale comprehensive wood pallet shredder

Operation tips for wood pallet shredder crusher machine

  1. The comprehensive crusher needs to be able to start work only when the chassis is stable and the line is connected normally. Before feeding, we need to observe whether the noise of the machine is too loud, whether the starting time is too long, and so on. Under conditions, we can also detect whether the current of the engine matches the motor parameters.
  2. When the wooden pallet crusher works normally, it will gradually feed material to the machine’s inlet. When unwinding, observe whether the feeding of the machine is normal. Pay attention to uniform feeding when throwing in wood. The feeding speed should also be determined according to the thickness and dryness of the wood or wood block. For example, for wood with a relatively high moisture content, the input rate is slower.
  3. Uniform feeding is an important factor to ensure the working efficiency of the wooden pallet crusher. When the machine and wood are fixed, uniform and continuous feeding can increase the unit output value of the comprehensive crusher.
  4. The wood that needs to be broken should be dried in advance as much as possible. Wood with too much moisture content will directly affect the processing efficiency of the integrated crusher.
  5. It should be ensured that the raw materials do not contain iron, stones, and other impurities, and do not avoid damage to the blades, hammers, etc. of the machine.
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If you are looking to enhance wood waste processing efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and embrace sustainable operations, the Wood Pallet Shredder is the ideal choice. We are eager to engage in further discussions with you to tailor a solution that meets your specific production needs.

Furthermore, our product lineup extends beyond the Comprehensive Crusher to include other wood equipment such as wood debarkers and wood chippers. We welcome your inquiries and purchases.

Contact our sales team now for more detailed information about the Comprehensive Crusher, as well as professional product consultations and quotations. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional wood waste processing solution, contributing to both production efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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