How much is a small wood shaving machine?

Small wood shaving machines are commonly used equipment for processing animal bedding litter. Shuliy wood shaving machine price is favorable.
Shuliy wood shaving machine for sale

Small wood shaving machines are commonly used equipment for processing animal bedding litter. At present, many customers have purchased our small wood shaving machines, such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States, Kenya, Malaysia, and so on. The reason why our factory can get so many foreign orders is not only because of the good quality of our shaving equipment but also because our small wood shaving machine prices are very favorable and cost-effective.

Small wood shaving machine price

The prices of commercial wood shaving machines on the market vary, mainly because the prices offered by different wood shaving machine manufacturers are different. The structure, performance, production efficiency, and quality of shaving equipment designed by different log shaving machine manufacturers are different, so the price of wood shaving machines will be very different.

shaving machine factory
shaving machine factory

However, the price of large wood shaving machines is generally more expensive than that of small wood shaving machines. Therefore, small wood shaving machines are more suitable for home use, while large wood shaving equipment is more suitable for factories and farms.

What are the factors that affect the price of small wood shaving machines?

  1. Machine materials. The different materials of the wood shaving machine will directly affect its service life and also affect its sales price. Usually good quality wood shaving machines are made of carbon steel, which is not easy to rust and wear. The average quality wood shaving machine is made of cast iron, which is easy to rust.
  2. Motor power. The brand and power of the motor will also affect the price of small wood shaving machines. The motors of good brands are often very powerful, have good performance, and have a low failure rate. In addition, the greater the power of the motor, the higher its price.
  3. Quality and quantity of cutters. There are blades on the internal cutter head of the wood shaving machine. These blades are the key to processing wood shavings. In long-term work, the blade is very easy to wear. Therefore, we need to buy good quality blades. In addition, in order to meet the long-term use of the machine, users usually buy a lot of replaceable blades when buying a small wood shaving machine.
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