Complete wooden pallet blocks making machine shipped to Indonesia

wooden pallet blocks making making machine for shipping to indonesia
Commercial wooden pallet blocks making machine is the good choice of many large pallets processing plants in Indonesia.

Commercial wooden pallet blocks making machine is the choice of many large pallet processing plants. This wood pallet block machine can process various pallet blocks of different specifications, and the output is very large. Recently, our Shuliy factory exported a full set of pallet block machines to Indonesia.

Why choose to do the wooden pallet blocks production business?

With the rapid development of world trade, the logistics and transportation industry has an increasing demand for wooden pallets of various specifications. Pallet blocks are an important part of processing high-quality wooden pallets. This kind of wooden pallet blocks are usually made of rice husk, sawdust, and wood shavings, which are strong and durable.

wood pallet blocks processing plant
wood pallet blocks processing plant

Usually, large wooden pallet processing factories use wooden pallet blocks making machine to produce pallet blocks by themselves. In order to save production costs, small and medium-sized wooden pallet factories will choose to purchase pallet blocks directly. Usually, the number of pallet blocks required for the production of a wooden pallet is around 9-12.

Therefore, a large amount of pallet blocks is required to make wooden pallets. This makes the processing business of wooden pallet blocks more and more popular. Especially in countries with abundant forest resources such as Southeast Asia, this kind of pallet blocks business is very common.

How to make wooden pallet blocks?

Industrial production of wood pallet blocks requires the use of commercial wooden pallet blocks making machines. This pallet block machine can extrude wood shavings, sawdust and other materials mixed with glue at high temperatures. The pallet blocks made by this machine have a high density, are very strong, have a strong load-bearing capacity, and are not easily deformed and damaged.

Details of Indonesia order of wooden pallet blocks making machine

The Indonesian client has been preparing for nearly half a year to invest in his own pallet blocks processing business. He produces this kind of pallet blocks mainly to sell them to nearby wooden pallet factories and furniture factories. The raw materials his factory uses to make pallet blocks are mainly a mixture of sawdust and coconut husk fiber, which he bought at a low price from a nearby wood processing factory.

He was interested in the video on wooden pallet blocks processing in our YouTube channel and contacted us. Because the customer knows this kind of wooden pallet blocks making machine very well, he mainly confirmed the price and delivery date of the machine to us and placed the order soon.